In Search of Search Terms

Remember back in the day when you could actually see what search terms brought people to your website? (If you don’t remember, read this glorious post from Hyperbole and a Half. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

Ok, so like I was saying- remember that? We don’t have that anymore, thanks to encrypted search terms, and it saddens me. I would really love to know what search terms are bringing people to my blog.

I’m going to leave this post a sticky for a while, in the hopes that you, the readers, will help me out.

What search terms, if any, brought you to my site?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or message me directly using the contact from on my About page if you’d rather.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to the results. 😀

Teaser Tuesday Chapter 12 part 1

This week’s #TeaserTuesday is mostly just pretty words. I like pretty words. 😛


Ixl. The Now. Such a simple concept, but somehow, the drop of time between Then and Yet Still had always been the hardest to master. Easiest to move through, hardest to truly live in.


After so much drama, this chapter is a bit of a breather, action wise. Lots for everyone, characters and reader included, to sit back and digest. Pacing has definitely been the hardest part of writing a web serial. I’ve been doing a lot of self promotion these past few months, and that means at lot of looking back at the Prologue and first chapter and worrying about the pacing. Yes, on the one hand, it is technically too late to change it. But, this is the internet, and I can kinda do whatever I want. But if I go back and endlessly quibble over the openings, I’ll never get anything done. So, we press on with the edits and updates, trusting our guts that the opening is good and readers will come.

Teaser Tuesday Dreams in the Desert part 2

Hey look! Another #TeaserTuesday from Dreams in the Desert!


“It’s still lacking substance, naja. Just get angry already and try to burn me, will you? I assure you, your little fireballs will have no effect on me.”


It’s been a lot of fun probing Naj and Seth’s earliest memories. Well, as fun as poking around something so painful can be. Fun in a sadistic writely sort of way?

Again, I’ve broken up DitD into smaller parts and dispersed them between relevant chapters. It all comes together in the end, but I don’t know how much sense it’s gonna make until then. We’ve hit the section of Asylum I most want feedback on. So if you have any input after reading Saturday‘s update, I’d love to hear it.

Party time!

You guys. Cait and I have been working with Asylum for FOUR YEARS. I can’t even.

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Teaser Tuesday Chapter 11 part 2

I had a hard time deciding where to cut this week’s #TeaserTuesday off. So I erred on the side of too much, because I can.


Hot tears traced his face as his eija held him and his eijye did for him what he could not. He was home. He was safe and cared for, and it only served to underscore his inabilities. He had never been able to take care of himself, relying on the Dai for everything, then falling into a useless sleep when they had been taken away. Who was he? What was he good for, but poisoning the world with his bastardized magics? Why were these strangers taking care of him, when the first things he’d done had been to raid their memories with an out of control s’Era’ramn, then show their leader how to half-kill herself? They should turn him out now, before he had the chance to do any more damage.



I will never not love Naj. If given half a chance to highlight Naj, I will. Even if it means highlight his torment. …I’m also a great one for torment. *shrugs* I promise it’s not all oh oh agony woe, but don’t take my word for it. Check out Saturday’s Update to find out.

Teaser Tuesday Chapter 11 part 1

Woo holidays. My whole routine is off this week, but it’s not too late to sneak in a #TeaserTuesday.


Jostling in the dark.

Strong arms around him, carrying him with quick even strides down a torch-lined hall. None of them were lit anymore– he’d stopped wasting the energy after the first three or so.

“Master, are we–”


Talk about putting the teaser in #TeaserTuesday. We’re getting into some stuff that has been great fun to write, great hell to edit. Where Naj and Seth diverge is only slightly easier than where they merge, and both are a royal pain in the butt. 😛 Be sure to check in on Saturday for the full extent of my suffering.

Teaser Tuesday Dreams in the Desert part 1

This week’s #TeaserTuesday is from a part of the story I’ve never really known what to do with.


The earth pressed close and cold around them. The smell of an extinguished torch was an acrid tickle at the edge of the shadows. He longed for a fire, but he knew why Aezir held their magic closed tight against them. Just a little longer, a few more days in the darkness, and the danger would be past. He hoped.


I spent a lot of time between the first draft and the first revision really getting to know Seth and Naj. I’ve written dozens of shorts, talked with them on my commute to work, talked even more with Cait about this or that scene or motivation– just really dug down deep. As a consequence, during the first revision, I had more history and sense of character to play with. I’d get little flashes of insight and memory from the silliest places: off hand comments, a flavor, the touch of fabric. I kept a collection of the scenes they sparked, and those scenes became Dreams in the Desert.

For this incarnation, I’ve broken up DitD into smaller parts and dispersed them between relevant chapters. It all comes together in the end, but I don’t know how much sense it’s gonna make until then. Again, we’ve hit the section of Asylum I most want feedback on. So if you have any input after reading Saturday‘s update, I’d love to hear it.