In Search of Search Terms

Remember back in the day when you could actually see what search terms brought people to your website? (If you don’t remember, read this glorious post from Hyperbole and a Half. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

Ok, so like I was saying- remember that? We don’t have that anymore, thanks to encrypted search terms, and it saddens me. I would really love to know what search terms are bringing people to my blog.

I’m going to leave this post a sticky for a while, in the hopes that you, the readers, will help me out.

What search terms, if any, brought you to my site?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or message me directly using the contact from on my About page if you’d rather.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to the results. 😀


Totally Unimportant Announcement

But I’m still delighted by it, so I’m going to share anyways. 😛


And I’m playing with it now (part of why I wanted to make a post, so I could play). I finally went out and got myself an external keyboard, and I have to say, so far Iam DELIGHTED. it’s a little weird to have my phone sitting on my knees while my keyboard is in my lap, but I’m seriously in love. Girlfriend is working on the laptop, but I’m still able to type at the speed of keyboar and make blog posts!!!!

…this is really the dumbest thing, but it’s made me like SO happy, you have no idea.

well, maybe you have some idea, since you’re reading this.

But anyways, I really love it, and totally recommend one if you work primarily off a virtual keyboard touch screen kind of set up. I am moving SO much faster, and can actually keep up with my own train of thought this way. It’s wonderful.

365: Day Something or other

February is drawing to a close, and while I haven’t been writing every day, I’ve been writing more days than not. Slowly but surely.

The trick has really been restructuring my life (and in a very literal case, my living room). I committed to making space for my writing, and while it was a bumpy start, I’m finally starting to see the real change I was looking for.

It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve made other commitments to friends that make me get up earlier every day.

So work on Asylum is moving steadily forward, I’m getting back into the groove of someone who’s words come easily, and I’m all around happier with my life cause I feel like I’m getting somewhere. It’s really nice.

I still don’t know what I want to do with Asylum when it’s ready. I’ve opened up the draft to beta readers, who are keeping my interest level up, but I really have no clue what I’ll do when it’s done. Query? E-publish? Run it as a serial again? I just don’t know. But it’s getting written, and at this point, that’s what matters.

Raevenly Rambles: January something something goals

So this month… It was a thing that happened.

I’ve been ill, out of town, on a funky work schedule, and subject to a smattering of T.A.W. (Truly Awful Weather). I’ve gotten some writing done, but it’s a FAR cry from the writing every day goal I set for myself.

The nice thing about setting a year long goal is that falling on my face in January doesn’t mean automatic failure. My true goal is to become someone who writes every day. This month taught me some things I need to overcome to do that.

  • I don’t write well when I’m tired after work. I HAVE to write before work, or it just becomes a chore and I’ll slowly grow to hate it.
  • I don’t always have the luxury of writing before work, because sometimes I start at 11 or midnight, sometimes they fuck me over and I start at 8. I am not in control of that (though believe you me, there’s A LOT about my current work schedule I’m going to bat against. This shit has gotten out of control. But that’s a whole other deal, and has little to do with my writing.)
  • I don’t like to write first thing in the morning if I do that jarred-from-a-deep-sleep wake up. When I just come to life naturally, writing when I first wake up is pretty much my favorite thing. When I’m a groggy, caffeine deprived monster, the best I can do is stumble to the pot and play on my phone until I feel human enough to take the dog out.
  • I don’t like to write on anything but a full keyboard. Phones and tablets just aren’t fast enough.
  • I don’t like to take the laptop from girlfriend when she’s writing. So if she’s writing, I just don’t write.

So that’s a long list of things that start with “I don’t”. That makes sense. I didn’t write much this month. This month taught me about things that don’t work. Now that I know what they are, I can take steps. I can make sure we get to bed early, so we get up early (Hard to do when the work schedule is so erratic, but again, steps). I can get a keyboard attachment for the tablets, so we both have access to keyboards. If we’re both writing, we’ll both work towards going to bed early, and not watching as much T.V., and not playing on our phones so damned much (GF is MUCH better about this than I. She’s also written like 20k more words than I have this month. Because, ya know, she’s made writing time. And not dicked around on her phone.)

Girlfriend has proposed a writing challenge, word count for word count, and I feel like a jerk for declining. I know her competitive spirit is a great personal motivator, and it’s just not for me. I know I can write, so I don’t feel like I have to prove it. But maybe for me, it could be less like competing, and more like having a gym buddy. I like gym buddies. And I like writing. I just forget to structure my life around it like I always mean to.

So that’s where January has been. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and refocusing my energy on spiritual well-being since things have gotten me so worn down. I guess that’s just winter for you. *shrugs*

So GOALS! I need to re-set my bar, since every day isn’t working as well as I’d like. It’s only defeat if you give up! I’m going to take a more realistic approach, knowing that I won’t do something I don’t enjoy, or feels like giving something up (even if I want the reward). So I get 1 episode of Brooklyn 99 a day (or the Good Place, or whatever I decide to watch when I’ve eaten through those), and then for every episode I watch beyond that, I spend an equal amount of time writing. That should help break the binge cycle, which is a large part of what keeps me up after work. Sounds reasonable! Come on, February! Let’s do this!

Raevenly Rambles: First Person POV

One of the things I really want to explore with my writing this year is first person perspective. I’ve read A LOT over the years, and without a doubt, “I/me” makes up the bulk of the stories I come back to again and again. They’re rich, they’re real, and they make a connection I want to revisit, even when I know the plot. (Biggest examples are Anita Blake, Rachel Morgan, and the Keisha’ra–I will re-read the shit out of the books, and probably will til the day I die. It’s like coming home, or catching up with an old friend). There’s just some to them that seems to make a great book.

And I hate writing it.

This is part of what I’m tackling with the “write every day” goal. The more I listen to myself ramble, not necessarily trying to tell a story, or focus on plot, but just putting words down on paper, the more I get a feel my own voice. Me, as if I were the narrator of a first person POV.

The next step is being able to do that with a character. I have NO idea how to make that leap yet. I’ve done some experiments with re-writing Asylum from Naj’s POV in first person, and that’s been …interesting. Maybe not good, but interesting.

So anyone else that already works in first person, how do you do it? Is that just how it comes out? Are you outliners, or pantsers? Do you muddle through first drafts with no clear POV and clean up later? I’m probably going to try all these tactics before I’m done, and hope to find something that works for me before the year is out. Wish me luck!

365: Week 1

Week 1, over all, have been a success. Day 3 had zero writing in it, but otherwise I’ve written something everyday. Not always stories, or usuable fiction, but just stringing words together  everyday makes it easier to string words together when I actually do work on publishable pieces.

And I don’t feel bad about missing a day. Days with work meetings mean I literally wake up, go to the meeting, work a full shift, then come home and go right to bed. I could have found some time in there, but there are always days that just take all your spoons no matter what. I didn’t let it get me down, and putting words on paper nearly every day is working just as I’d hoped. 🙂

(Most of that writing has been in back and forth emails with my writing buddy, and my laptop has been fussy with the internet, so I have no idea how many words I’ve written, but they’re there, and I’m happy.)

365: Day 2

I didn’t expect set backs to happen quite this early. :/

Day 2 has already been a whirlwind of emotions: guilt, defeat, determination, indifference–almost like I’ve tried to do this too many times before. But recovering from this headspace is what keeps writers going after their billionth rejection letter, so I consider this good practice.

The thing to do on days like this is write for no reason. Find a good prompt generator you like, whether its free write style, or situation suggestions, or those write a story with X, Y, and Z in it. Just keep the words going. You’ll be glad you did.

Today I scraped out 650 words. Yesterday was just under 1800. I like yesterday better because it had some content, but today’s was actually more productive, if that makes any sense. And I found a goal, so, yay!

I started 365 to make myself write every day. Literally every day. I didn’t give it any more parameters than that, no word counts, no conditions. Just write EVERY day. I can do that. Anyone can do that. I even gave myself permission to write “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE” over and over again.

I think I finally have some parameters for this project.

Write, one page, every day. Doesn’t matter how many paragraphs, how much space I take up with breaks, just hitting at least a page every day. Word count is fun to track, hell to keep up with. But a page? I can pull off a page. I can write at least one page of nothing every day. Totally easy.

(The thing is, I’m not proving to myself I can write one page of words every day. I’m proving to myself that I can set goals and actually keep them. I do myself such a disservice, justifying my way out of my goals all the time. Today I had baking to do, tomorrow will an extra long day at work. It’s always easy to find reason why I can’t. It’s harder to find reasons why I can.)