In Search of Search Terms

Remember back in the day when you could actually see what search terms brought people to your website? (If you don’t remember, read this glorious post from Hyperbole and a Half. Go on, I’ll wait for you.

Ok, so like I was saying- remember that? We don’t have that anymore, thanks to encrypted search terms, and it saddens me. I would really love to know what search terms are bringing people to my blog.

I’m going to leave this post a sticky for a while, in the hopes that you, the readers, will help me out.

What search terms, if any, brought you to my site?

Feel free to leave a comment here, or message me directly using the contact from on my About page if you’d rather.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to the results. 😀

Long Time No See

Hey gang

As you may have noticed, I’ve not updated this site in a LONG time. I have been primarily active on tumblr, and also opened a Patreon. Posts there are all go live to the public about three days after they’re posted for patrons, so if you want to see what I’ve been up to, I recommend checking those both out (and also my Twitter, where I primarily do #RaevReads or tweets about my wife). I do still update In Search of Asylum occasionally, but with newer WIPs, like Foxes and Fate, and How To Date A Jewish Werewolf.





NaNo 2019: Week 3

About to crest the mighty 40k, and honestly it’s been a tooth and nail struggle for every word 😛 But I’ve taken the opportunity to write some self indulgent world building, including this little bit about faery cellphones:

“Okay!” Gil stood up, very ready to change the subject. “So who’s going where with whom?”

Lia blinked up at Gil, then glanced at Kyle.

Kyle immediately spoke up. “I thought it was already decided that you and Lia are on for tonight and Tybee and I will keep ourselves entertained. I don’t think the where was mentioned yet.”

Gil’s toes curled and his belly fluttered. “I, uh, rode in with Tybee. I don’t have any way to take Lia home.

“Erumond will drive us home,” Tybee said. The guard was already standing to join them. “You and Lia can go home in her car—or Kyle’s car, whoever drove.”

“We share.” Kyle supplied as he fished the keys out to hand to Lia. “What’s the address, so I can text it to Lia?”

“I’ll text Lia,” Tybee said smoothly. “Then she’ll have my number, too.”

Lia hesitated, but it was hardly fair to judge Tybee while he’d been drunk. Kyle caught her eye and nodded, and with her bestie backing up her opinion she felt more confident saying yes.

“Alright, give me your phone and I’ll text myself.” That seemed the least likely to get her in trouble with faery rules. She wasn’t sure how giving out her number ranked as far as giving things to faeries.

Tybee handed her his phone with a flourish, the screen glowing a luminous purple.

“Oh, a moment. I need to switch it over still.”

Gil rolled his eyes and shook his head, while Tybee turned his phone over and fiddled with the case.

“Okay, I’ll bite,” Kyle said. “Switch it over?”

“To an electronic battery,” Gil explained. “Some people who travel the lines carry an electronic and a etheric battery, to make use of the coverage options on either side of the rift. Less extra people just keep two phones.”

“But this is so much more convenient,” Tybee purred. When he switched his phone back on, it glowed the more standard blue. “This way, I only have to keep track of one number, and one device.”

“You can link numbers,” Gil grumbled, but only under his breath. There was no arguing with Tybee.

Lia took the phone gingerly, expecting it to be somehow different. It was just a phone, albeit with an unfamiliar OS. Tybee’s thumb brushed over hers as he directed her to his messaging app.

“There you are, pet. Text me whatever you like.”

NaNo2019: Week 2

You’ll notice it’s gone from daily updates to a weekly digest. Here’s why:

Nov 9

Lia had barely had time to get her palette closed and grab her sketchbook between the first rumble of distant thunder and the sky deciding to let go.

She ran awkwardly, half hunched over her supplies to keep the rain from ruining the watercolor she’d been working on.

By the time she’d managed to get under the pavilion’s roof, her shoulders and hair were soaked through. The disheveled feeling wasn’t helped by the fact that she’d lost her hairstick somewhere in the run. A wooden one, carved into a feather, her favorite, of course.

Let it go, she told herself. She spread her papers out on the table, the piece she’d been working on smeared beyond belief. The rest seemed to be intact, thank god. The idea of losing half a semester’s worth of work had made her stomach drop. Looking at her current piece, she thought maybe she could work with the smears. Like looking through rain on a window.

Relieved, she pushed her hair back from her face–and froze.

In her mad dash, Lia had somehow missed the pavilion’s other occupant. A boy who looked almost as startled as she felt.

A boy with no shoes, and no shirt.

His pale chest glistened with rain, every inch of his skin covered in freckles. There was so much skin. She jerked her eyes to his face, trying not to stare.

His eyes were the exact color of a stormy sea.

Lia had never seen a beach, not in person, but somehow, looking into those impossible eyes, she just knew. His eyes were the color of swells, urged on by a howling wind, tossed up by an angry sea, restless and rumbling. They would be lighter in brighter light, she realized. Then she realized she was staring, again.

Lia dropped her gaze, babbling an apology.

“I’m so sorry!– [fuck. Gil said sorry in the last scene. This is what I get for trying to write with only 15 mins before clock in time! :P]

Nov 11 [writing with a headache on my lunch break, wish me luck]

Relieved, she pushed her hair back from her face–and froze.


“I, ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to–”


In her mad dash, Lia had missed the pavilion’s other occupant. A boy who looked almost as startled as she felt. 

A boy with no shoes, and no shirt.

Rain speckled his bare chest, vying for space among his freckles. There was plenty of space for both. His chest was broad and defined, like the cover of a romance novel. His jeans hung low on his hips, her eyes drawn there by the trail of dark red hair–

She jerked her gaze up, taking in his damp auburn curls and his wide green eyes. No, not quite green, and not quite blue, either. His eyes were the color of the sea, or at least how she’d always imagined the sea. Lia had never been to a beach, but his eyes made her think of waves, whipped up by a flurry of wind, dashing themselves against a rocky shore.

She kicked herself, hand jerking into motion even as she scolded herself for staring, twice.

“Hi, I’m Lia.”

What. The actual. Fuck. She’d snuck up on a stranger and openly ogled him and her response was to offer her hand and introduce herself? She would have face palmed, if her hand hadn’t been still hanging awkwardly in empty space. To her relief and mortification, the boy reached out, completing her utterly bizarre greeting.

“I’m.. Gil. It’s, uh, nice to meet you?”

Lia felt her face flame, and as soon as he released her hand her arms went around her middle. She could blame it on the chill of the rain, right?

“I’m so sorry to bother you,” she stammered. “I didn’t realize anyone was already in here–”

“It’s no bother.” His voice seemed almost as rushed and desperate as her own. He must be ready to disengage from this crazy chick asap. “I’m, uh, sorry about the rain.”


Lia shook herself, while he seemed to do the same.

“Nevermind. It should let up soon——–sdjasdlknfsdnvkldsf nope too mcuh eahdache we stop now

Trying to write some before work. But i’m starting to feel its time for my “it’s my birthday fuck off” break XD

Nope, not happening *le sigh*

Nov 14

So Lia and Gil had their lovely meeting and its fine. It’s fine. We need to move on.


Nov 15th. Why is this so hard XD


So anyways Lia and Gil meet up and talk in the rain, and she hides out in the pavilion and Gil goes pit-a-pat. Its been a stumbling block for too long. Time to move on. Important bits are: He knows she plans on going to the show, they make a coffee date, Gil is happy. We move on now to Gil and Tybee chattering perhaps. Perhaps not. I already feel so fucked up on teh pacing of this cause it’s taken me daaaaay to write

Jasdflj;kasdnlsdfvljdssonofabitch my original draft doesn’t HAVE that sceen why is this so haaaaaaarddljsk;dslkj;a


NaNo 2019: Day 8

Something cold hit her cheek and she looked up. “Is that -” Another patter hit her chest.

Several dark patched appeared on Tybee’s coat as well, and as Lia looked up, a big wet raindrop hit her square in the nose.

Tybee’s gaze followed hers to the sky, a little laugh bubbling up from him. “Of course.”

He whipped off his jacket, draping it over her shoulders. “Here. This should help until we can get inside.”

At that exact moment, the fountains sprang to life.

Lia knew it was an automated timer. The music that swelled to life was picked by a lucky patron at the very steakhouse they were meant to dine at that night. Doubtless, Tybee would have paid someone to “randomly select” her to choose it. But somehow, this was better. The genuine spontaneity, the serendipity, the mad note in Tybee’s gleeful laughter– it was perfect.

He slipped his hand in hers, eyes shining with laughter. “I had intended to view this from somewhere more comfortable. But I can’t deny the spectacle of viewing it up close.”

She shook her head. The spectacle was exactly what Tybee liked. He pulled on her hand, clearly trying to move them towards some sort of cover.

But the lights and music, the dancing water… It really was spectacular. And they were already wet.

She squeezed his hand, smiling at him to show she was still alright. “It’s okay. A little water never hurt anyone.”

NaNo Day 5

This scene is going to be the death of me. I worked on it yesterday, I worked on it twice today. Maybe this time I finally have it? I don’t know. I need to get away from it for a while. Have it in its raw, angry form, and hopefully be inspired that if this mess can pass for progress, yours can too

Nov 5

 Let’s try this again … in a few minutes

Cat then wife happened, attempting to write by phone. Wish me luck

Gil needed to still be pissy when he hit the park. It was weird to write in past tense while in shitpost mode, but it was weird not to write in past tense. It was tempting not to be writing at all.


The run probably took Gil straight into the park. It wasn’t super important to establish how far away each town was, it was just a distraction, something to get hung up on. It was a minor detail, probably laid out somewhere else in the text anyways.

So Gil was still angry when he got to the park, and still angry when he started his spell.

And the force of it felt good. Oh man. So good and so poetic, like you wouldnt believe. Almost as good as getting this damned scene out will be if I can ever manage it. :/

So Gil is angry, and it started to rain.

Nov 5 take 2

(gonna just start directly typing from what’s in the original draft, cause these scene is kicking my ass!!!)

Gil settled his bag on one of the tables in the pavilion, fingers lingering on the worn brown flap. He’d grabbed a ahdnful of flyers from teh campe before he’d left, an excuse to get away for a while. He didn’t want anyone to know he was having trouble with his magic. He didn’t want anyone to know it was because he was fighting with Tybee. That he’d been fighting with Tybee for almost a year now, and was getting no where.

The caravan’s vanguard would have already plastered the popular places in town with flyers–work Tybee should have been a part of, but Gil doubted he’d done anything as mundane as passing out bits of paper–but Gil wasn’t looking for somewhere full of people right now. He needed to get away, needed to get his head together. Needed to get this magic done so it had a chance to sink in before tonight. He turned left and headed away from the central fountain that anchored the town’s wards, following the smell of green open spaces and trying not to stew.

Not stewing over Tybee was easier said than done. His arrogance, his impulsive and reckless use of magic– He couldn’t keep toying with Lady Luck like that. Luck eating was a delicate thing, but Tybee acted like he could just pass off his debts to some hapless mortal and move on to the next. The fact that that tactic had worked well for him so far didn’t mean it was a true one. It meant that just like everyone else, even Lady Luck favored Tybee. It was almost impossible to tell him no.

But Luck was a natural force, just like the wind and seas and weather. It could only be pushed so far, and Tybee had bent his luck near to the breaking point. Gil didn’t want to abandon his lifelong friend, but he didn’t want to be around when it finally snapped, either.

Gil’s cards had carried bad omens these past few weeks. Yes, he was still newish to the reading of them, but some cards were clear and easy to see. The Tower, the Ten of Swords, the Seven of Wands–Tybee was heading for disaster, but he just wouldn’t listen! 

Another rumble of thunder, closer this time, drew Gil’s attention upward. He had a job to do. No time for fuming. He could be mad at Tybee all he wanted later tonight. The caravan was counting on him. At least one of their luck eaters should be doing their job.

Gil pulled his sweater up over his head, laying it down with his bag. A moment’s pause, and he took off his tee and shoes and socks as well. He needed to be out in his rain, let its cleaning waters was away some of this anger. If he stayed this worked up, no amount of luck bending would keep the clouds away. Not from him.

He padded out into the soft grass, smiling softly at the feel of it between his toes. He took a deep breath, feeling grounded for the first time today. He looked around the clearing with a smile, then raised his arms, and opened up.

NaNo 2019 day 4

whelp, it happened 😛 I always run into at least one chunk during NaNo that I know right away won’t work as soon as I finish it. In this case, I actually interrupted my own flow of thought to announce that to myself. Still, it’s pretty, and holds some decent exposition maybe? So i’ll keep it (of course I’ll keep it– it’s all about the word count this month) but i’m undoubtedly gonna have to take another run at it later.


The feel of the wind in his fur called to Gil, urging him to take a form that could really take advantage of the swirls and updrafts of the coming storm. Gil ignored their whispers and ran, enjoying the exertion of paws hitting earth, the rhythm echoing the beating of his heart. Gil loved his fox form, loved darting through brush and sprinting through fields, the shush shush shush of long grass in his ears. He dreamed of flying, but with his elemental affinities… No, best to stick to running. And what a glorious run it was.


He ran until he no longer felt the hum of Tybee’s spell against his senses, until all he felt was the wind and the earth and the storm. Slowing to a trot, he let his form melt back into his human shape, ruddy fur giving way to auburn curls, twitching whiskers becoming dots of freckles. He settled his messenger bag more firmly across his shoulders, wiggling his toes in his sneakers until they felt right again. It always seemed odd not to dig his nails in as he walked after a good long run as a fox.


His run had taken him far from the clearing where the caravan was still setting up, nearly all the way into town. He’d grabbed a handful of flyers from camp before he’d left, an excuse to get away from a while. It was foolish, but he didn’t want to admit to anyone that his magic was acting up. He didn’t want to explain his fight with Tybee, how he was always fighting with Tybee it seemed. How the summer had turned into nearly a full year on the road, and still the wayward prince refused to come home. Gil sighed and surveyed the town.

 The vanguard would have already plastered flyers everywhere popular in town–work Tybee was supposed to be a part of, though Gil doubted he’d done anything so mundane as passing out flyers–but Gil wasn’t looking for populous areas. He needed somewhere quiet, outside, and far enough away from Tybee’s little stunt that the magics wouldn’t interact.

He bypassed the campus and the central fountain that anchored the town’s wards. Wouldn’t do to disrupt those either. He followed instead a cobbled path, technically a road but only wide enough for a car and a half. It seemed unlikely to lead anywhere particularly busy.

The buildings that lined it seemed to be made over to look older than they really were, but they eventually gave way to houses that looked pristine but carried the weight of years. A historical district, then. Gil smiled, drawing in a deep breath scented with flowers. He’d chosen well.

The lane opened up into a park, delicate wrought iron gates spread wide in welcome. Gil strolled into the park, feeling peaceful for the first time that morning–

Which doesn’t work, as lovely as this is. I need him still cranky. Damnit. 😛

NaNo Days 2 and 3

Doing pretty good! I’ve been taking my laptop with me to work, and got 1146 and 730 respectively on these past two lunch breaks 😀 Some fun snippets from the past days’ work are our first looks at Lia and Gil. Tomorrow should be their first meeting :3

Nov 2nd

Lia sat in her car a moment too long before turning it on. Her fingers had locked the doors automatically when she’d gotten in, a habit long engrained by her mother.

“You can never be too careful,” she’d always said. Lia was slowly learning that wasn’t entirely true.

It had taken years for her to figure out that all the careful watching, all the what-ifs, all the opportunities lost to fear took away what made life worth living. That her mother really was too careful. Now Lia was trying to strike the right balance, to temper caution with reason. Her avian soul had seen that life as the cage that it was. Now she was ready to fly.

Nov 3


(this is the dumbest thing, but sometimes I see the movie in my head, and this is totally one of those moments where we’d zero in on the flyer, and then the wind would whip it away as a transition to Gil working in the clearing. Included cause it’s NaNo and I’ll take every word I can get *cackles*)


Gil squinted into the noon-day sun, still brilliantly bright even behind the bank of rolling grey clouds. He frowned. It needed to rain today. The air was thick and heavy with it, making the morning’s work of clearing sticks and setting up tents sticky and unpleasant. It needed to rain today, but it wouldn’t. Gil would see to that.






NaNoWriMo 2019 Day 1

The game of cat and mouse was one of the oldest, and had changed little over time. Technically, the cat was a fox, and the mouse was a little bird, but the game stayed the same. She ran and he gave chase, though she couldn’t know it until it was too late. She walked in human form, thought her heart stayed sparrow fast and her eyes darted to every sound and shadow as she crossed the darkened parking lot. It did her little good. Ancient instincts had dulled with the passage of generations, diluted to mere uneasiness as the eyes of her predator tracked her from the edge of the woods. Tybee smiled, eyes twinkling with mischief and starlight.


The girl flicked a glance over her shoulder, but the fox was nowhere to be seen. His shadow-dark pelt was made for the night, and his passage was a hushed echo against the greater murmuring of the night. She sang for him, Lady Night, lusty crickets and whispering grass, covering the rustling passage of her favorite son. Nighttime was for hunters. Sunset, a benediction for the hunted.


The jingling of keys was a harsh discord against the night song. Tybee’s senses stretched out, tasting the girl’s aura, testing her Luck. When a particularly loud frog croaked nearby she jumped, but did not drop her keys. Not especially ill luck, then. Didn’t necessarily mean good, but it was a start.


Slipping back into his human form, Tybee snuggled into the shadow of a large tree as the girl got into her car. He blew her a kiss, and though he couldn’t see it, he imagined her skin shivered with the magic of it, as his brush of power marked her. He’d let Fate decide, whether that kiss brought his little bird to him or not. Tonight, he would hunt for fun. Tomorrow, the real game began.

NaNo 2019

Because of course I couldn’t not 😛

Things have been quiet on this front, mostly because my writing has really taken off on tumblr. I’m not sad about that, but it does mean that I’m putting less and less energy into my other platforms, like this blog, and my wattpad. *shrugs* Only so many hours in the day.

Which is of course why I’m doing a NaNo lol.

I’m doing something a little different this year, working on draft 1.5 of Foxes and Fate. It’s in bits and pieces right now, with many of those bits needing be reworked to fit with different pieces, so I imagine most of it will be written from scratch. But, as it’s such a well-fleshed out story, I actually have a WIP page for it! Go check out Foxes and Fate, then add me as a buddy on the new NaNo site and we can all cheer each other on!