Even more About and FAQ

About the Blog

The blog is now a monster with a life of its own. It has grown quite beyond its original confines, and I should probably re-pot it before the roots burst through. But, in case you’re curious, here’s what I thought I was doing when I first sowed these seeds:

This blog is an experiment. I want to start self-publishing a web serial, but before I dive right in and mess it all up, I want to play around a little more with blogs as platforms for this sort of thing. So this blog, and it’s companion over on blogger http://raevenlywrites.blogspot.com/ are my playground. I’ll post actual writing, to try on the whole serialize thing, and I’ll post a lot about my thoughts and impressions on both platforms.

For just the writings themselves, check out “The Writings” category. For just my thoughts on the platforms, check out “The Experiment” category. Simple enough, right?

About the Author

I feel I should take a moment to explain where I’m coming from as far as writing and blogging experience, to give a little back drop to The Experiment. Some of you have surely noticed by now I know nothing about blogging or using Internet hosting, or even what to call all this. If you were expecting a voice of experienced reason, I’m sorry.

My writing background is scattered. I mostly write fictional stories for fun, falling mostly into the Urban Fantasy category, I think, though some of the work I do with my partner is probably better named Paranormal Romance. We’ve both been writing off and on since high school, though I got a little more serious about it in college and got my degree in English, more or less. I’m not huge into editing this blog, or super-crafting each entry, it’s meant to be more thoughts and impressions, for anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to try starting a writing blog. It’s meant to be rambly, sort of like this about the author bit.

About The Asylum and Asylum/Havenverse

Asylum and its companion stories are written by me and my lovely girlfriend in an odd back and forth style. Most of what I post to this site are completely mine, but on occasion I’ll share something including her work as well (always with her permission, of course :P) The setting is modern day earth with a twist, very parallel Universe in concept. For example, there is a New York, and a London, quite likely a Paris, but the generalized location of the Asylum is simply Northern, probably USA, but we’ve never decided on that for certain. Great Lakes-ish, but nothing that specific. However, somehow, Zig is still from L.A. (the Hollywood vamps are all pretentious bitches, btw).

The existence of magical creatures is kept secret from most of humanity, but there are those that know, for various reasons. Certainly people/locations are declared “Haven”, which means its safe to be open about your less than human natures and abilities. Rook’s bar, for example, is a Haven, so occasionally you’ll see brawls get a little out of hand and out of skin as various shapeshifters loose their cool. Asylum is not Haven, so with the exception of Blue Moon Nights, no one reveals themselves in house.

As I gather more reader questions, this section will like expand, but at the risk of going on and on forever, I’ll stop it here for now.


  1. Where can I read The Asylum? Here
  2. When can I read The Asylum? Currently, Asylum updates every Saturday, with occasional bonus updates mid-week.
  3. Why isn’t Zig/Rain/X character in Asylum yet? They’ll show up eventually, I promise. For now, enjoy Naj. He’s lovely.
  4. Is there anything else I can do to contain my excitement while waiting for the next Asylum update? Yes! I LOVE to answer questions/blather on about Asylum, so by all means, write me! Leave a question in the contact form below, leave a comment on any post that intrigues you, whatever you like!

About Face

Well, what are you waiting for? All the good stuff is back there in the blog proper.

Yeah, um, About That…

Don’t worry. It’s supposed to look like that. I’m sure it’s nothing…


7 thoughts on “Even more About and FAQ

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  3. Your blog is oozing with ambition, expectation, desire, and in the midst of it, hints of mysteriousness meander. I’m loving it.


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