And now for something completely different

In case anyone is curious what I’ve been up to lately…



Turtle Power.


Sketches: Cera

Here’s a character you all don’t know that well yet, but you will. 🙂


Yeah, she is exactly as sassy as she looks. Cera’s gone through some interesting transformations, and I’m still not completely settled on her, but this face definitely captures her spirit, if not the proper facial structures for her race. I’m working on getting better at drawing more than the every day white people I see everywhere, but it is a process. Still, some idea is better than none, and this totally nails the idea of Cera.

Sketches: The Man himself (Rook)

….I suddenly can’t remember if I’ve shared this photo or not. I can always go back and double check, but I wanted to get some sketches staged up since I’ve fallen so behind lately.

something like rook

I’m still not totally happy with the settings on my scanner, but you get the idea.

Sketches: Your Face! (Zig)

Here’s a treat for you Zig fans!

Zig is hands down my favorite character to draw. I can’t say what it is about him, but he’s my go to doodle. I’m really happy with how this one turned out. Never get it quite right, but this is close. 🙂

Zig yet again


Sketchy Sketchbook cover

I have fallen off my sketches posting schedule, mostly because I haven’t actually sketched much in a while *le gasp*. But, as most of you by now, I haven’t done much of anything of late as far as creative energy goes. It happens. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just as the earth lies dormant for the winter, so too must our brains.

But I used to do a crap ton of sketching in high school, and in an effort to declutter things, I scraped a lot of the old notebooks I’d been keeping just for the doodles. What better use of old doodles than to past them onto a new sketch book? 😛 Some of them are original characters, some of them are fan art, some of them are just random crap that my brain fed me to try and keep me awake.




Sketches: I have no idea

For a while back in undergrad, I was in love with form poetry. I have no clue what this one said, but you’re welcome to have a go at deciphering it if you like. I maaaaaay or may not be related to the imagry, I really can’t recall.


Good luck!IMG_2759