New Readers

As with all good writing, this blog has evolved quite a bit. It started out as an experiment, and has grown into something more like Frankenstein’s monster, but have fun with it anyways (I promise it won’t bite).

Ye  Olde (former) Welcome Mat

First off, welcome to The Experiment! I hope you find this as educational as I do, or at the very least entertaining.

I would really recommend reading the About page, and then starting with the oldest post and continuing in chronological order. Since my goal is to get a web serial going, I’m going to post in a way that builds on itself, so each page won’t really stand on its own too well.

Or, if you’re looking for something in particular, try the search bar, or the label tags. Such are the tools to tame the chaos of The Experiment.

Happy Reading!

At this point, I would proceed in a variety of ways, depending on what you’re looking for.

  • Looking for blogging advice? Try the Experiment category, or Writing about Writing
  • Looking for writing advice? Try Writing about Writing or Writing about Other People’s Writing
  • Looking for Asylum/Havenverse? The Writings category is a good place to start, or the A/Hv tag. Currently, there’s no chronology to what’s been posted, but keep checking back for news on The Asylum’s impending web debut!
  • Looking for a laugh? Pick any point and wander around

2 thoughts on “New Readers

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