Cover Reveal! Deception, Haven Book 1

Oh my gods you guys, it’s my first cover reveal!

Isn’t it beautiful! The same artist friend, Madame Zabet, who made my wonderful banner for Asylum, convinced me I could do better than a blue rectangle with words on it. ๐Ÿ˜› And by me, I mean her. This is so amazing, I can hardly stand it.

Read the book in question here.


NaNo 2014: Day 19

5k. 5 friggin k.

My wrists are killing me. ๐Ÿ˜›

Somehow, in two hours, I was able to bang out 5k today. I know how- I completely abandoned all pretense of plot. I literally sat my characters down and said “Hey, talk at me.” I don’t usually like to get that Meta, but sometimes, especially towards the end of NaN0, it’s what I need.

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NaNo 2014: Day 17

Progress on the NaNo has been slow going, but a scene snuck in before last night’s nap might offer a little insight into why. My character, apparently, is still in a pretty nasty state of shock, and that’s enough to make anyone a little sluggish as a narrator. Hopefully, she’s about to get an ally to help make that all better, but til then I’ll have to drag her every little painful step of the way.

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NaNo 2014: Day 11

Every so often, I run into the really interesting problem of needing one of Caitlin’s characters for my own work.

Usually, we write in tandem, so any time this comes up, I had the narrative over to her. But for the purposes of NaNo, that feels like cheating. Last year, I ran into this difficulty with Myles. As an aspiring Academic witch, that should have put him firmly into Cait’s territory. But I wanted to write all the words for my NaNo myself, so I floundered on and had her double check my work, as it were.

This year, I’ve come up against another Academic, but with any luck, she’ll be more of a behind the scenes kind of character.

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