Weekly Writing Goals: July, week 4

WOW! Have I really lost a week already? Man, time does fly when you’re buried in your work. Fortunately, for once, this work has not been work work. Cait and I are plugging away at Asylum, and I even got past a major speed bump in Rain’s story! Totally feel all accomplished this week. 🙂

Rain’s story

Current Progress: COMPLETED! Undergoing it’s first round of edits and beta reading, about half-way through with both.

This week: Speedbump- DEFEATED! Woohoo!! Also, the first word of Spanish was finally spoken, when Tripp called his brother a pendejo. Gratuitous? Only time will tell. But it’s high time I stop white washing my boys to make sure they’re relatable. They’re Hispanic not-quite-fey from California with no memory of who they are or where they came from – that’s gonna read a little odd. If I do it right, it’ll be a good odd.

Ultimate Goal: Publication, self or trad, but a legit book for sure. It’s not got the same structuring issues that make Asylum weblit

Setbacks: TITLE!!! Time! The usual. Hopefully rolling right along again though.



This week: While it’s been slow going, it’s been very good slow going. What we’re going over now if the first writing I’d done since undergrad, and I was way bad rusty. Plus, we had no idea where were going at first, just messing around having a good time, so it’s hardly surprising that a lot of it just needs flat re-writing. But we’re very happy with the re-writing, so I call it WIN all around.

Ultimate Goal: Web-serial, and rivaling fan clubs for Seth and Kain (maybe even Team shirts?)

Setbacks: Time, at this point. There is A LOT of work to be done. Also, language. Seth is very slow in teaching me his native tongue, but some of the words/concepts are crucial for me to understand, especially here early off as I’m trying to ground myself in serpent culture. A little help would be nice here buddy.

On the plus side, in trying to tidy up and pack so we can move, I found the old notebooks where I had first started writing this language, so that’s been a big help.

Mostly, at this point, I just need one of those great big books of baby’s first word, and some really simple children’s books or poems to translate so I can practice with conjugation and such. If anybody has something they’d like to submit for translation, I can’t promise I’ll get it up with a quickness, but any and all practice is helpful. 🙂 Favorite poem, rude limerick, song lyrics you can’t get out of your head? Fire away!


Current Progress: Miri’s story has been put on hold while we play with Asylum, but I’ve gotten a lot of character sketches done this week, so that’s fun.

Ultimate Goal: more Web-lit probably, but maybe some traditional pub going on in there to, self or otherwise

Setbacks: Characters. Can’t work with em, can’t work without em.


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