“Finished” Work

Here you will find the various novels and stories I’ve actually finished. Hey look, I “finished” something. 🙂

2013 NaNo

I intend to leave it up in all its naked, rough draft glory. I’ll keep working at polishing it, but I want people to be able to read and relate to my NaNo experience, and that includes laying bare the messy word pile I had at the end of it.


Asylum was conceived as a web serial, and currently updates on Saturdays. Click the link above to be taken to the first installment.

EclecticMasque 2014

Fellow blogger EclecticAlli hosted what I hope was the first annual EclecticMasque. What should have been a one off post turned into a 15k mini-serial, which you can begin reading here. Navigation links to my Thread at the ball are included in every post, but if you’d like to read the COMPLETE complete story, start here.

Other Thread Parties

Looks like this is blossoming into a beautiful friendship here folks. Taliana is becoming a regular staple in the blog-o-sphere, and you can bet me and mine wouldn’t miss a party of hers for the world- whether that’s our world, or any others out there!


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