Five Posts to Write Right Now

Five more things to Write right now. I swear, my prompt bucket is gonna overflow one of these days.

The Daily Post

Nothing to write?  Here are five types of posts you can publish right now, no matter your interests or writing style.

1. Your reply to . . .

I keep my eye out for multiple perspectives on a single topic and takes (and takedowns) of widely circulated articles. Consider educator Diane Ravitch’s recent reply to Alexander Nazaryan of Newsweek on comedian Louis C.K. and Common Core standards, which summarizes the article and issue-at-hand before diving into her own discussion points.

Don’t want to address your response to a specific person? Reply to an entity or publication, as Caitlin Constantine at Fit and Feminist did in her post to Self magazine, “Lay off the women in running tutus.” Whether directed to a particular person or an organization, these types of commentaries can be timely reads on trending topics.

2. A timely or thematic list.

Posts written as lists don’t have to be vacuous…

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Daily Prompt: Advise me

Today’s Daily Prompt kinda goes in two directions for me. One, I really, really, really wish someone had told me to keep writing when I was in Undergrad. I’ve wasted years of my life ignoring my passion in pursuit of a paycheck.

Which brings me to the advice I’m still waiting for someone to give me:

What the heck should I be doing for a living?

I have no idea what kind of jobs are out there, and which one work well with a writing lifestyle. There’s plenty of advice out there for how to be a freelance article writer, but that’s not at all what I want to do. I am completely content with the idea of carving out writing time around my 9 to 5, working on my novels at a slow and steady kind of pace. Trouble is, I’ve never had a 9 50 5. I’ve always worked in restaurants, open into the late hours of the night and too early in the morning. The place I work now is only closed 6 hours a day- leaving me potentially on call 18/7. The only days were corporately allowed to be closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas. And it never fails – every time I sit down to write, someone calls me in.

So instead of wasting all this time with a restaurant career, I wish someone had told me how to find a job that lets me be a writer too. I’m sure I’m unicorn hunting, but that’s what I’m waiting to hear.

Up from the ashes

This post is giving me more fits than it is worth. I want to say this, there is no reason not to say this, and not saying it is making it a bigger deal that it really ought to be. I’ve always been so lost, so doubtful on this particular topic, but I love the way the end of it turned out, and it is something I most definitely want to say. Instead of chopping it up and trying to salvage the good parts, leaving them not good because they’re contextless and adrift…

I am over-talking this, still.

So without further ado, here is the post I meant to post when I posted this instead.


I suddenly find today’s Daily Prompt very fitting.

I sat down to work on it as part of the Zero to Hero blog challenge, and while I’d had some ideas, nothing was coming forth. I kept gnawing at it, since part of the assignment was to just flat make it work, but all I had was a half-baked scene of Seth packing and unpacking bags from one of his various trips around the world. A fun scene, and I’ll still probably write it, but it just didn’t fit the bill of what I was hoping to do for the assignment.

Then randomly, I remembered that I had toyed around this morning (or maybe late last night – it’s hard to tell time with those nebulous awake but not thoughts) with writing an open letter to an old friend of my, Gabriel Gadfly. Our history most definitely fits the baggage bill, but that’s not why I wanted to post.

Once upon a time, Gabriel was a writer. A really good one. He’s written one novel (that I know of) and it was good. I loved it. I wanted to know more, just like with every story of his he’d started and stopped or even just sort of rambled at me about. I love his fiction, in much the same way that I loved him.

I’m not sure I can write this.

I don’t really talk about him much anymore, because it’s just plain not good for me. I don’t know what magic of biochemistry and eternal soul were at work within me – hell, are at work within me- but I know that what I feel for him is not good. Not good for him, not good for me, not good for the life I’ve managed to build from the wreckage of my own stupid decisions-

This is why I can’t write about this.

My brain fills with this fog, and a stone drops in my gut, and suddenly, I can’t breathe, I can’t be, and I’m back in that same inexplicable obsession that I was in when I was with him. I cannot exist in my own skull around this feeling that takes over me. I love it, I miss it, and I know neither of us need to be subjected to it.

This is not the post I meant to write at all.

The point is-and my rambling has made this clear- some baggage you never put down. Some baggage changes you forever, and every decision, major or not, will always be affected by it. Some baggage you simply learn to embrace, learn to take inside you and make your own, or fight it forever.

I finally learned to stop fighting, Gabriel.

And I wrote a novel.

Just kinda thought some part of you might like to know.

Some part of me, left from before all this mess, wanted to tell you. Some part of me, from the middle of all this mess, wants your approval. Some part of me, from after all this mess, misses the parts of us from before it all, misses when we were friends. Some part of me knows its stupid to listen to all these parts, and the best part of me knows I have to listen to all parts of me if I ever hope to be a complete person. The trick is giving each part the attention it deserves- no more, no less.

I’m still learning the balancing act, but what I really wanted you to know is:

I found my fire again.

And its burning just for me.


Daily Prompt: You look so fine

Once again, the Daily Prompt brought to mind a song.

This of course has nothing to do with why I love my girlfriend, except perhaps that she is the one that turned me on to Garbage.

Today, what I find most attractive about her is that she is willing to tend to my snot encrusted needs. I am Sick. Better than last night, but still icky. Lots of “Love, could you bring me ______?” today. And I love her for it.

But that is the kind of love that grows over time – no one looks at Hottie McHotterson when he’s got the flu and says “THAT. I wanna tap That.” Nope nope nope.

Does it show I’m a little out of it?

No, what really first attracted me to girlfriend was the wonderful sense of kinship I felt when I was around her. Here at last, after a long life time of moving around too much and never really making friends with anyone, here at last I was among friends. Party of two, but more than a party of one. She got me, and bothered to look deeper when she didn’t get me, and wanted to know how I was.

And it was reciprocal. I needed to understand her, this geeky little goth kid who wore Victorian dresses but nerded out over Dragon Ball Z. Who sang in the choir with me and had a purple bedroom with dragons on the walls and stars on the ceiling.Who wrote the best poetry about the futility of life but was always bubbly and smiling when we talked. That I needed to understand. She fascinated me, and has ever since.

Also, she has a fabulous ass. Just sayin’. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Mad Skilz

Today’s prompt actually spoke to me instead of one my characters, so you get a regular old Raeven post today.

As bizarre as it is, I love to know more about butchery. The Grand Plan is to live on a farm, work from home (for Automattic, maybe :D) and alternate my day with writing and farmery. Stuck on a scene? Go pull some weeds. 😛

But what would really take the cake would be to have every Sabbat feast be completely made by my own hands.

I’m not technically Wiccan, eclectic Pagan is more like it, but I love tracing the Wheel of the Year through the Big Eight. Being able to raise an roast my own rabbits, chicken and sheep would be so meaningful to me, and while I know I could always take my animals to someone else, I would adore to be able to do it myself. The more involved in the whole process I can be, the more worship I feel. Make sense?

Barring that lofty dream, I’d love to learn HTML and CSS- but I know me, that’s just a matter of time. Butchery is not so assuredly in my future.

Daily Prompt: Wanderlust

Today’s Daily Prompt has Zig written all over it. Despite living in a magical fey warren with doors that open to everywhere, Zig has done exceptionally little traveling. He’s too caught up in playing Mr. Mom to the Spiders, and in the back of his mind, he always feels uncomfortable doing selfish things. The Spiders are all waiting with baited breath for him to meet a nice alternative girl with blue hair and tattoos and settles down get a life of his own. When that day comes, here are the top five places that call with siren song to Zig’s wanderlust.

  1. Germany:No particular reason he can speak to here, though if he knew his mother’s side was Germanic, that might explain a thing or two. But since he has no memory of his parents, that doesn’t help him explain his strange fascination with German literature and culture. So much so that he got his degree in German, because it was one of the few things that held his attention when he followed Tripp to college. Silly boy is silly. 
  2. The Great Sequoia Forest in California: This is another one that is explained by back story he doesn’t remember. He and Tripp woke up in the woods one day with no memory of who or what they were before. What he doesn’t know is that this amnesia was caused by witnessing a great primal force – something that really should kill lesser mortals, but instead left Zig and Tripp more fey than human. His lust for the great Redwoods comes from touching this spirit. 
  3. The Louvre: For all that he’s a big old dork, Zig loves him some high culture. Touring the world’s most famous art museum would make his little heart go pitter-pat. 
  4. Hawaii: This is one back story lust that Zig does understand. Meliki and her fey come from Pacific Islands, though which islands she’s always reluctant to say. But sitting in on her monthly luaus has left Zig hungry for more, most especially for roast pig. 
  5. Disneyland: Cause let’s face it- Zig is really a big kid, and the fact that he hasn’t gone yet is really quite surprising.




All images found with a quick Google Image search, mostly on wikimedia

Daily prompt: Conflicting view points

Ah conflict. It makes the grass, and the plotlines grow. How I personally handle conflict (by avoiding it whenever possible) is no where near as interesting as how the denizens of Asylum/Havenverse handle it, so I’ll turn this post over to them.


Seth: OVERREACT. ALWAYS. Lots of yelling, or desperate measures when they’re not actually called for. Swear, kick, punch- repeat as needed.

Naj: HUGS! Or, barring that, become very, very quiet, agree with everyone/everything and refuse to admit anything is wrong. Desperate times? Reach that scary quiet still place inside and become a pure badass, save the day.

Nica: Punch it. Or kick it. All conflict can be resolved by proving you’re bigger and badder first.

Kain: What conflict? No one ever disagrees with me. Ever.

Summer Spiders

Zig: Don’t make me turn this store round – Rabe, put Delphi’s doll down – Jack! I saw that! No cookies before dinner – Z stop stabbing people!

Jules: MUST. BAKE. BAKE ALL THE THINGS. shut up mother.

Tripp: *neatly dodges all conflict because he saw it coming*


Rook: “No” is just a “Yes” waiting to be worn down. 🙂

Jon: “Yes” and “No” are irrelevant – Rook doesn’t listen anyways. For everything else, there’s being a big ol’ badass bar tender.

Lena: *freezes or runs and hides*

Rain: Forget your conflict, I’m conflicted enough on my own.


Xaph: Oooh conflict? Chaos? Can I watch? 😀

Lillian: Can it be kicked, bitten or otherwise injured? No? Dueces, Imma fly away now, ok? Live to fight another day and all that

Jonquil: Can we not simply work it out? Get along? Non? *melts into the earth*