Teaser Tuesday Chapter 11 part 2

I had a hard time deciding where to cut this week’s #TeaserTuesday off. So I erred on the side of too much, because I can.


Hot tears traced his face as his eija held him and his eijye did for him what he could not. He was home. He was safe and cared for, and it only served to underscore his inabilities. He had never been able to take care of himself, relying on the Dai for everything, then falling into a useless sleep when they had been taken away. Who was he? What was he good for, but poisoning the world with his bastardized magics? Why were these strangers taking care of him, when the first things he’d done had been to raid their memories with an out of control s’Era’ramn, then show their leader how to half-kill herself? They should turn him out now, before he had the chance to do any more damage.



I will never not love Naj. If given half a chance to highlight Naj, I will. Even if it means highlight his torment. …I’m also a great one for torment. *shrugs* I promise it’s not all oh oh agony woe, but don’t take my word for it. Check out Saturday’s Update to find out.


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