Teaser Tuesday Dreams in the Desert part 1

This week’s #TeaserTuesday is from a part of the story I’ve never really known what to do with.


The earth pressed close and cold around them. The smell of an extinguished torch was an acrid tickle at the edge of the shadows. He longed for a fire, but he knew why Aezir held their magic closed tight against them. Just a little longer, a few more days in the darkness, and the danger would be past. He hoped.


I spent a lot of time between the first draft and the first revision really getting to know Seth and Naj. I’ve written dozens of shorts, talked with them on my commute to work, talked even more with Cait about this or that scene or motivation– just really dug down deep. As a consequence, during the first revision, I had more history and sense of character to play with. I’d get little flashes of insight and memory from the silliest places: off hand comments, a flavor, the touch of fabric. I kept a collection of the scenes they sparked, and those scenes became Dreams in the Desert.

For this incarnation, I’ve broken up DitD into smaller parts and dispersed them between relevant chapters. It all comes together in the end, but I don’t know how much sense it’s gonna make until then. Again, we’ve hit the section of Asylum I most want feedback on. So if you have any input after reading Saturday‘s update, I’d love to hear it.