Teaser Tuesday Chapter 10 part 2

Things are really getting dramatic with this week’s #TeaserTuesday — as if I haven’t been a big bag of drama already.


Seth would not lay down to sleep beneath the ice.

He beat at it with swollen fists, the rhythmic thump keeping a time for his slowing heart. He would not sleep here, he would not. The il’m pulled at him, murmuring the sweet promises of peace that lured so many servants of Il’Dao into the dark. She wanted him, after so many years of drawing on magics that shouldn’t be his. But Seth hadn’t fought the il’m for so many centuries just to give up now.

I love the rich, vivid pictures Seth and Naj paint for me to describe their inner landscapes. I don’t know if it’s being strong magic users, or their unique situation, or what, but every time I go deep inside their heads, it’s always viscerally beautiful.

It’s also confusing as fuck to write.

Scenes like this just kind of pour out, and I’m always thrilled with them in the moment. When I come back around to the editing, I always can’t help but feel a moment of “WTF?” They’re jarring, disorienting, but that’s kind of the point. Hopefully, I’ve made the division between illusion and reality clear, but if not… Well, it’s not always so clear cut in real life sometimes, either. Check in on Saturday and let me know what you think. This is one of the chapters I’d most dearly like feedback on.


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