Teaser Tuesday Chapter 10 part 1

This week’s #TeaserTuesday is one I’ve been super excited to get to.


Her wings swept forward and left red in their wake, her hand swept through and left behind drops of purple to mingle and bleed into the red. A twirl and one wing swept it aside to leave a swath of inky darkness that hid her behind it. Furious motions cut through it in places, letting color accent the darkness until she threw herself through it, her wings arcing back to carry the darkness high as if hoisting the night sky itself.


Nica’s illusion dance is one of those moments I just sit back and enjoy my partner’s writing. That all comes to a crashing halt when it’s my turn to write, but until then, it’s a pure pleasure. This week will be a sensory rollercoaster, so buckle your safety belts and come on back for Saturday‘s update.