World Building June: Week 1

What a fun week! I’ve really enjoyed doing World Building June’s 30 day challenge. As always, life has gotten a little in the way and I’m behind a few posts, but I’m really happy with what I’ve gotten.

Day 1: Intro

Asylum, at its heart, is the answer to every time I’ve ever asked “But what if those were real…” Read more…

Day 2: Geography

Asylum exists layered over the world we know and love, shaped by ties to our reality and the magic that sustains it. So it has it’s own New York, London, L.A., but also massive magical wastelands where physics go slant and monsters are just around the corner. Read more…


Day 3 explores races, Day 4 covers History, and the rest of the month will cover so much more! Come check out more posts for World Building June!