Teaser Tuesday Chapter 9 part 3

This week’s #TeaserTuesday teases in more than one way.


On a dramatic whim, Naj pinched his left thumb and forefinger together and flicked his wrist. A wave of darkness boiled from his hand, spill down and curling around the floor like smoke, It rose to fill the room around them, plunging them into a sightless nothing in an instant. With an equal but unseen twist from his right hand, a pure, white light burst forth, chasing the darkness to the corners of the room. In an unnecessary but elegant flourish, Naj called the power back to him in a curl of his fingers. It was only slightly diminished, as illusion magic hardly needed any energy at all, but it had been worth the show.


Get it? Just a tease of his power? Just me?

I’m so delighted with how this scene turned out, mostly because I can see how far its come. In its original form, this was a long and barely researched chunk about mudras, tossed in there to show Naj’s Indianness like a costume. Not only is that wrong (he’s Middle Eastern, as much as the world’s actually line up), but it was lazy and bad writing. I knew it was, I knew I was just playing when I wrote it. It was fun, but it was authentic (to me or the culture). So I’m glad to see this shape up into something that fits the world, and doesn’t disrespect the wonderful one we live in.

Come back on Saturday to watch Naj really shine. He loves to show off, give him some love people!


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