Teaser Tuesday Chapter 8 part 4

This week really puts the tease in #TeaserTuesday 😉


“Shut up and enjoy your shower.” Her laughter was cut off by the feel of his hands wrapping around her shoulders, kneading the heat and scent of spice into her skin and muscles.

He chuckled as his thumb found a particularly tight cord of muscle and she groaned softly. She let her head roll to the side so he could work at it.



You may not know this, but Asylum was originally drafted as a paranormal romance. It could still be called that, I’m sure, but it’s definitely toned down in the sex department compared to what it used to be. Still, scenes like this are fun to write, and read, so there’s still a few sprinkled in here and there.

Who is the mysterious couple enjoying some steam in the steam room? Check back Saturday to find out!


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