Teaser Tuesday Chapter 8 part 3

I’m having way too much fun with #TeaserTuesday lately.


If he hadn’t been so intent on stillness just the moment before, Naj’s fighting instincts would have undoubtedly taken over. Even still, the fraction of hesitation before action hadn’t kept Naj from gripping the wolf’s wrist and tensing for the throw.



If you read last week’s Teaser and matching update, you can see my mischievous side is showing lately. I can’t help it. The story line has gotten so light hearted, I need a moment to be a little bit wicked. Rest assured, once things go dark again (and they most certainly will), that I’ll keep up the menacing tone. Until then, tune in to Saturday’s update to see who Naj is about to throw over his shoulder.


One thought on “Teaser Tuesday Chapter 8 part 3

  1. I, too, love the lightheartedness in the story. It’s so very fun to read and seeing the relationships develop between the different characters.

    Plus, Naj is a big ‘ol love so it’s always nice to see him in a scene because he is just a joy to read about. Even if he is getting ready to throw someone around for a bit. :-p

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