Taking this seriously

Ugh. I just spent four hours editing. I love/hate editing, because it’s always very satisfying but also thankless work. I feel very productive, as if I’ve gotten so very, very much done–but then I look up and go “I have nothing to show for this. What gives?”

I’ve been trying for a while to think of writing/editing (and various background web stuff for Asylum) as a part time job, as a way of motivating myself. Seems like a good idea in practice, because after all, I would like to make this my job someday, but I’ve never really done more than just tell myself to shift my thinking.

I don’t know how well this will stick, but I want to start tracking my actual hours put in. Mostly just for funsies, but also hopefully to validate myself on days I’m feeling wasted like this. I know I put in anywhere from three to five hours on my weekends, so long as I don’t have any go out of the house plans. During the week is always trickier, cause there’s no accounting for when I get to bed, and therefor when I’ll get up. While my “day job” is low stress, it seriously eats into my sleeping time.

So, I know I can hit five hours easily, 10 would be pushing to write an additional hour every day, with one day left over to be totally, totally off and relax. Seems reasonable, I think. My work week starts on Wednesdays (for whatever reason), so since my days off are never the same, I guess I’ll just go from Wednesday to Wednesday and see what it looks like at the end of the “week”.

So for this week, I’m at 4 out of 10, 5 if I want to count the hour I spent talking theories out with my gf before work (Maybe. Depends on how short I am at the end of the week). So that’s my new goal. Wish me luck!


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