Teaser Tuesday Chapter 8 part 2

This week’s #TeaserTuesday is short, to the point, and mysterious…


In the laundry room that also doubled as his work space, Kain paused, herbs in hand. Eyes and thoughts that had been intent on him hurried away.



I’ll admit, I love a good bait and switch. So much of Asylum is misdirection, misinformation, misleading, and deliberately vague. Maybe that makes me a butt, maybe I don’t care. 😛 Sometimes the bad guys are transparent, sometimes they’re not. I really love a good game of “Who’s the real villain?”, and Kain is a great one for that.

So, who is watching the mystery man of the nest? Is Maleo finally showing his feathered head? Or someone far more deadly? Check out Saturday’s Update to find out!


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