Teaser Tuesday Chapter 7 part 2

This week’s #TeaserTuesday finally brings Nica to the stage.


The change was immediate. Not just the change in song –the two were actually very similar, to his ears anyways- but the entire feel of the piece and dancers shifted. Nica was at home on that dias, and she owned every inch of the space she moved through. The other girls had seemed at the mercy of the music before, and lyrically that was a very disturbing song to be at the mercy of. Here, the words gave more power to the dancers, and they used that power to weave a spell over the audience. Yes, it was promising pain, but a beloved pain, one to be desired, inexorable. That was a feeling Naj knew very well.


This scene was actually helped spark one in the prologue. We needed a bridge scene between Nica the numb and Nica the bold, and showcasing the wrongness of her nest without her seemed perfect. Now that she’s back, I love this chance to resolve the issues in that prologue scene. Just makes me happy. Be sure to check in on Saturday to see how happy it makes Naj, too.


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