Teaser Tuesday Chapter 7 part 1

Are you guys ready for a proper update this week? I do feel a little bad for dragging this out so long, but at least this way you get two #TeaserTuedays so that’s something. And what a tease it will be. πŸ™‚

Naj could only stare as muscles rippled beneath dark skin. He’d been confused but intrigued by the engine block– dances done with props were some of the serpent style’s most impressive–and the feeling had only grown as the dance began. But as it had progressed…

Marie’s advances had been nothing like this. Her energy had pounded at him, fierce and relentless. Kain’s movements were no less expressive, but Naj felt less pursued and more… tantalized. As the clothing came off, the feeling of promises unfulfilled grew. Kain somehow stayed completely untouchable, even while laying himself bare. But the unspoken illusion that someone, somewhere, might lay their hands over every inch of that shining ebony flesh… Naj shivered with delight, eyes locked on the stage.

In the original draft, there were many things I didn’t quite know about Naj. They were hinted at, but it took a major re-write to reveal.

How I missed how utterly in love with men Naj is is a mystery to me.

Seriously. Naj loves him some beautiful men. Like, a lot. A lot a lot. But somehow, I thought he was more or less straight. At least, as straight as someone raised by serpents and old enough to get bored enough to experiment can be. But apparently, Nica is the exception, not the rule. And I missed it. I still feel like such an idiot just thinking about it. But I ship him and Kain so hard that I guess it makes up for it? Somehow? Either way, be sure to check in on SaturdayΒ to see just how wrong I was. And to see Kain take his clothes off. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday Chapter 7 part 1

  1. If Kain’s clothes are coming off, I think that you know that everyone will be stampeding toward your site Saturday for the update! Kain and Naj are majorly yummy. I can’t help but ship them too. (At least I know that I got this ship right! :-p)

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