Teaser Tuesday Ch 6 part 3

Look out, Seth fans, he’s back!

Seth reached out for the fox kit’s energy, calling on the ties they’d formed dancing together this morning. Nothing overt, simply reminding her ki’n of the steps performed before. Just enough to distract…

Adding more Seth to the earlier chapters was a tricky thing. On the one hand, it clarified a lot of moments of Naj behaving oddly, that even if hadn’t totally understood. On the other, Seth works in mysterious ways. He’s really hard to write blatantly, yet subtly, and I had a helluva time with this scene.

I “practice” on my co-author, handing her scenes without explaining anything and seeing how she reacts to it. This scene with Seth and Marie took a  lot of drafts to get her to guess correctly at what I was intending. Hopefully, it won’t be as arduous for you lovely readers come Saturday’s update.


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