Teaser Tuesday Chapter 6 part 2

This week’s #TeaserTuesday is less about pretty writing, and more about world building teasers.

Nica smiled as [Naj] bowed, more than a bit relieved to see his aura taking a more natural serpent flow and warmth. She had to wonder at his words and actions though – just how old was he? It wasn’t a question politely asked among the longer lived races, especially since magic could extend natural lifetimes. The last war that had been waged against magic users was over by more than a century, but that was barely a moment passing to those who had survived it. Such events left marks in mannerisms and stigmas that were often the only subtle signs of a shifter’s age. Nica could easily recognize those born around her own century, and easier still identify those far younger, but once a person’s age was over a century, she had no head for the nuances. For instance, she knew from his hints that Kain held far more than just one or two centuries under his belt, but just how many was a mystery to her. Of course, that meant that he was invaluable when it came to learning such delicate details about her dancers.

Some of the characters in Asylum are OLD. Way old. Older than I can I wrap my head around, or even get them to admit to. Naj, for example, remembers a time before the rise of “the New Church”, and Kain… There’s no getting anything from Kain. It makes writing them interesting, to say the least. It also forces us to do more research than I personally like, but it’s either that, or completely build a world from the ground up, and that’s definitely more work than I want to put in. Lazy author is lazy. 😛

No one gets set on fire this time, but I promise Saturday‘s update will still be hot.


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