Teaser Tuesday Chapter 6 part 1

This week’s #TeaserTuesday brings us to part of the writing that is both my favorite and biggest dread.


Seth stood, resolved. He danced a few simple steps, fire within warming the sand beneath. A final stamp of his foot, and a small fire erupted, globes of flame sitting in the cups of his footprints. He nudged them together into one campfire and pushed the little blaze across the sand, towards the sleeping child. Bathed in the fire’s warmer light, Naj didn’t seem quite so pale, quite so small. Seth knelt down, brushing a stray curl from Naj’s face. He watched the years flicker and play across Naj’s features, or perhaps that was just a trick of the light. Seth’s gaze lifted to the barren landscape beyond, washed silvery in the growing light of the rising moon. Abruptly, Seth shifted, glittering red scales winking in the firelight. He cut a crimson gash across the sand as he went, the only color in a moon-washed world.


As I’ve said before, Seth wasn’t nearly as present in the early drafts as he is now. Scenes like this are part of the reason why. The relationship between Seth and Naj is tricky at best, and I thought it best not to present too much confusion too early on. But this story takes place just as much in mental landscapes as it does in the “real” world, so much was added into early chapters with a whispered prayer and careful attention to beta reader notes.

I love these scenes because they’re beautiful, ethereal, and just plain fun to write. I hate these scenes because I get lost in the poetry of them and forget to be clear, concise, and actual communicate plot with my writing. Add to it the difficulty of not wanting to give too much about Seth and Naj away, and these scene are pretty but murky. I’ve done my best, and I hope they provide more enjoyment than headache. For the full interaction, be sure to check in on Saturday. Bonus teaser: Seth tries to set Kain on fire. No, I’m completely serious.


2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday Chapter 6 part 1

  1. This scene is just stunning. Beautiful, yummy and gorgeous. I had to read it slow to really take it in. I love slow scenes like this that paint such vivid pictures in the mind. And, of course, Seth makes it that much more special. 😉

    I think I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and re-read.

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