Teaser Tuesday Chapter 5 part 4

Time for another #TeaserTuesday. This time with Kain, oh boy!


There had been something about the cobra’s thoughts, something that had tucked itself away almost before Kain had had a chance to read into it…

He didn’t like the thought of a Dai operative hiding something in this nest, even if he was just a tool as Dev had insinuated.

I love Kain. I love him sooo much. Even if he were my character (I alway love Cait’s characters cause I don’t have to write them :P), I would still love Kain, cause he’s an ass. And also because you almost never know what he’s thinking. So when we get little glimpses like this, I squeal with high-pitched fangirl delight.

As a writer, I love Kain because he’s the perfect character for sowing distrust. In him, in those around him, in characters only mentioned in his own suspicions– Kain spreads doubt. He is the number one character for fanning wild speculations (which I LOVE to hear, btw, if you have any), and therefor loads of fun for us, when deciding what to reveal.

So have fun with that, and be sure to check in on Saturday to see what all the fuss is about.


One thought on “Teaser Tuesday Chapter 5 part 4

  1. I’m Team Seth all the way, but every time a scene with Kain comes up I always do a fangirl squeal because any scene that Kain is in, he just steals them.

    And he drives me crazy because I have many theories, many of which I’m sure are wrong because Kain is GREAT at giving just enough information to make one ponder but not enough to give anything away. (Cait–you write him wonderfully, btw. He has so many complex emotions to him! My hat is off to you.)

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