Raevenly Rambles 2/25

Been a fun month here, folks. Early on saw lots of promo work, then whatever head cold nonsense that’s been going round finally got a foothold in the Wright residence. We’re kicking it now, but it definitely took a toll on my productivity. I did spend a lot of time wandering the internet, though, even without my ability to concentrate much on what I’ve found. Something I’m going to come back to now that I’m less plaguey isΒ The Online Novel Blog. This blog is a wealth of resources, let me tell you. The particular article I linked to is a list of places to publish, promote, and network your online fiction. Check it out.

Queuing up more Asylum this week, having burned through all my buffer while I was sick. Go me. πŸ˜› I’m still hoping to get more videos done, once my voice returns to normal. I have some scripts drafted up, so look for those coming up in March.


4 thoughts on “Raevenly Rambles 2/25

  1. You kick that plague-y cold! Go you! (And thanks for the website! It’s so interesting!)

    Glad to hear the more Asylum is getting queued up. MOAR Asylum is never a bad thing! :-p In fact, it’s a very good thing, especially since my favorite character has been getting some screen time! (Page time?)

    And videos will be fun! I’d love to hear how you come up with the names of your characters! And how natural you feel about the language! Can you just speak it as fluently as English or do you sometimes have to think, “Now how *would* Seth say his full name in his language?” Or “How do they say “ice cream sundae?” And, of course, what are some of the most fun experiences you’ve had with your writing partner? πŸ™‚

    Ok, I’ll shut up now. I get very excited about Asylum. :-p

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    • Oh god, I WISH pri’mn came easily! It’s tricky, because it comes easily to the characters that grew up speaking it, so single words and phrases that just sneak into their vocabulary are a piece of cake. But when I -need- a word? Pulling teeth


      • Maybe you can ask one of the ‘nicer’ characters for lessons? :-p Let them know that a happy author is unlikely to write unpleasant scenes? (And I’m guessing that Seth is one of the characters that is like pulling teeth? He can be a cranky one, can’t he? But a lovely cranky…cause I know that Seth likes you, even when he’s cross.) πŸ™‚


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