Teaser Tuesday Ch5 part 2

Seth fans! Here’s a #TeaserTuesdays just for you!

Seth was kicking himself for leaving Naj alone. He hadn’t realized how impatient he’d allowed himself to become—regardless of the circumstance, there was no excuse. He was damned lucky the fool bird hadn’t attacked them, but they’d dodged the pan only to be tossed into the cook fire it seemed. First, a magical flare up bad enough to bring on a vision, and then a raptor? It couldn’t be a coincidence. Seth stood at high alert, but kept himself carefully concealed. After their last nest… No, no need to borrow trouble. But no need to be careless, either.

A lot of Seth scenes you see early on in Asylum simply weren’t there in the first draft. Seth himself was always there, but I played him much closer to the chest in the original. It worked, but… this works better. I think. I hope. This is actually something I’d really love feedback on, all you lurkers out there. Now is an excellent chapter for first time commenting. Well, not now exactly. You’ll have to wait til the update drops on Saturday.



One thought on “Teaser Tuesday Ch5 part 2

  1. What a perfect way to start off my night! 🙂

    ( More Seth=better? JMO) :-p I think it works better, personally. I think that it adds more tension and mystery to the story.

    I hope more lurkers chime in! 🙂

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