Teaser Tuesday 2/7

Getting back into #TeaserTuesdays just in time for a muchly awaited scene (at least by me :P).

She slowed as she hit the last of the stairs, her steps purposeful, but lyrical. She wanted her approach to be both reassuring and reassured. Nica left her doubts and questions behind, focusing on the dancers ahead of her. It was soothing in its own way, familiar. Once she stepped onto the main floor, her presence alerted Marie, who halted midstep.


The entire “Introducing Nica” arc is one of the things that slowed releasing Asylum down so much. Her earliest concept was kind of muddled for us, being lost in what we thought of as Dev, but later learned were two distinct characters. So bringing Nica in so far into the story was problematic at best, an editing nightmare at worst. But with a bit of work and a much needed prologue, Nica finally made sense.

This snippet is almost word for word her original entrance, something I’m strangely proud of. Being able to take that first moment we knew she was her own person and preserve it, but still work it into the story organically… Yeah, it just gives me the feels. 🙂 So be sure to check in over at Asylum for Saturday’s update, in which Nica finally comes home.


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