Guys, I don’t know what possessed me to release Asylum in October.

Yes, the story starts mid-October, but so does the busiest time of my life. The service industry is always crazy in winter, but now that I’m a baker, it’s a special kind of crazy. Humans LOVE baked goods when it’s cold.

So yeah, I’ve been a bad story-mom. I haven’t had the energy to do more than proof my scheduled posts and clear my little notification when it drops.

I feel awful about this, but I’m trying to remind myself of how excited I was back in August. I’m trying to remember what a world not full of bread looks like. I don’t know. It’ll come back around, I’m sure, but damn, this holiday season seems eternal.

So, basically, I’m just letting you all know I’m still alive. Asylum will continued to drop through Janurary, and I’ll see where it goes from there.

Happy holidays everyone. I’ll see you next year.


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  1. I think that you need to give yourself (and your wonderful writing partner) a big pat on the back for even releasing Asylum in the first place. Sometimes looking at the date looming makes one think, “Nah, I need to polish it up more. I can release it whenever I want!” And then 2 years go by and you realize that you are still polishing up on something that is ready. You already went over that hurdle and deserve to be congratulated for it! So, congrats!

    And another thing, though I know that baking is super crazy now, I don’t know if there is ever a time when it is really slow. February starts Valentines Day, Summer is baking cookies that look like flip flops and umbrellas (probably) so even though I know that baked goods are a serious commodity right now, I think that it would be crazy at any point to release Asylum. But you did! And it’s awesome! You are not a bad book mom, you are the great book mom (with some seriously crazy kids) and you just need a little break like every other human being on the planet. This is not a bad thing. This is a necessary thing. Even writers releasing paper and ink books call their editors and tell them that they cannot make the deadline. Because life gets busy. This is normal.

    So, you are doing just fine. Asylum is wonderful and we can keep re-reading and enjoying it. You enjoy your holidays! 🙂 (And Naj, be a good love and give her hugs from me? I know that you will since you are super sweet.) *hugs*


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