Sort of NaNo: Day 6

I never can seem to resist the first week of NaNoWriMo. I know I’m too busy. I know Nov/Dec are the BUSIEST baking months of the year. But I love all the writer-centric energy, and I found a lovely prompt a day list like #Inktober, but for writing, and since I’m on a prompt a day habit anyways, might as well get some writing done, right? I don’t have a story in mind, but I’m gonna unofficially track my word count, just to see what I get up to these days. A funsy NaNo, cause I can’t stand to be left out apparently. 😛 So here’s my prompts, feel free to follow along/use these as jumpstarts for slow days. My Tumblr is also good for inspiration and/or reminders to go write.

Beaten, Day 6: 347 words/November Total: 2533 words

Travis had no idea how he’d been elected to run this field trip. Yes, he and Cissy lived out here, yes, he was good with kids, but that was because he was a kid. He shouldn’t be left in charge of five pre-teens–and there was fire. Fire! Yes, it was in a grate, and yes, both Caldwell and his apprentice were in here supervising, but Travis was still the adult that his nestmates had left in charge of their kids, and he felt torn in several directions at once–five, to be exact–trying to watch out for every possible disaster.

“Who’s ready to beat a horse shoe?”
Dane rushed up, already aproned and gloved, eyes gleaming in the firelight. Travis raised a hand, but let it fall. This is what they were here for. This was ok. This was good. Brem wrapped an arm around Travis’s leg, drawn in by the agitation in his aura. The younger twin was just so darned perceptive. Blake smoothed a hand over his brother’s back, and between the pair of them, Travis felt himself relax. Freaky.
Brem beamed up at him, and Travis smiled back. “Thanks, little dude.”
“It’ll be alright, Uncle Travis. This is a working fire. It knows how to behave.”
Travis felt his eyes go cross in confusion, but he let it go. The newest nest kids were something else. Blake nodded, though whether in agreement with his brother or Travis’s thoughts, he couldn’t say. And couldn’t think about. Too much crazy making.
The horse sisters had already joined Dane at the anvil, taking their turns with the hammer. Miriam and Mirabella–he still couldn’t tell which one was which–wore matching expressions of delighted concentration, little faces so serious in the red glow of the fire. Travis squeezed Brem’s shoulder, and gestured to the fire.
“You, uh, wanna go work the bellows?”
The twins beamed and rushed over to the fire, and while he didn’t just let them, Travis kept what he thought was a reasonable distance as the cobra babies played in the flames.



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