Sort of NaNo: Day 4

Posting from my phone, so pardon any strange typing. My autocorreect is doing the strangest things lately, and as I’m posting on my lunch break, I’m out of time to proof read.

Minor spoilers ahead, but again, far distant ones. This is set at a similar time to “Carpenter”, so it should be fine to read, but if you’re dead set against knowing he future, steer clear.

Power point, day 4: 577 total words 1770

Seth had to admit , he was impressed by her efforts. Coro had gone all out in her efforts to convince him, compiling data and expressing it in ccollege coded graphs, even going so far as to cite her sources, most of which were primary research papers. It would swat his decision, but it warmed his heart to see his young daughter go to such adult lengths.

He sat very straight, hands clasped on the table before him, giving her power point presentation the same attention  he would any other business person. She’d even printed up a hand out, and Seth had wonder what adult had clear her use of the library printer. Leem, undoubtedy. of all the adults, he would be the

Most sympathetic to her cause.

“In conclusion,” Coro said smartly, laying her laser pointer on the table, “you can see that doing away with the nest ban on caffinated sodas will not negatively impact the development of the younger nest mates, and  will in fact increase our performance in class, increase chore productivity if my token system is implemented, and will actually pay for itself, with the gas saved by not having to travel to fast food locations to procure said beverages.”

Coro beamed, and Seth had to stifle a chuckle. Laughing at her now would undermine her belief that he was taking her seriously, and the whole afraid would devolve into a “whine fest” faster than Chris could say “told ya so.”

Seth leafed through her points, as if deliberating. She’d not lived through Nema”s twins, didn’t know the horrors of sugar-fueled hatchlings. No, the ban would stay, but he’d at least do his daughter the Courtsey of pretending.

“Well Coro,” he said at last, and his pride spiked again as her look of blank politeness held, “I can see you’ve done your research, and that this topic is of great importance to you. However,” here her eyes narrowed, and she looked for all the world like her mother, “I am afraid the ban still stands. Your presentation is sound, and I’m suitably impressed, but it doesn’t account for the delicate balance of children’s freedom vs parents sanity. I’m sorry, Coro, but I’m going to have to decline.”

He could see the beginnings of outrage tremble through her aura, and her voice was tight and curt as she tried to excuse herself.

“Thank you for your time–“

“I would actually like to discuss this token system of yours. The idea has some serious merit.”

Coro’s face lit up, and Seth wondered suddenly if he’d been played. Was this the motion she’d been pitching after all, with the sodas as a decoy? What a clever little devil. He side eyed her as she pulled up the chair next to him, launching immediately into talk of starting with the dirty socks policy, and how no smelly socks should be allowed into the dormitory portion of the nest, etc. etc., and  could perhaps a hamper be installed at the top of stairs even, expressly for socks, because really, horse foot smell permeated the boys hallway and if even she could smell it, how could the wolves and cats even abide the space– and so on and so forth. Seth made a mental note to inform his mate that their daughter had leveled up in cleverness, and his pride for her nearly eclipsed his wariness. Coro’s teenage years were going to prove interesting.


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