Sort of NaNo: Day 3

Warning: Today is slightly spoilery. I think its fine, but it’s the closest thing to present day Asylum I’ve written yet.

I never can seem to resist the first week of NaNoWriMo. I know I’m too busy. I know Nov/Dec are the BUSIEST baking months of the year. But I love all the writer-centric energy, and I found a lovely prompt a day list like #Inktober, but for writing, and since I’m on a prompt a day habit anyways, might as well get some writing done, right? I don’t have a story in mind, but I’m gonna unofficially track my word count, just to see what I get up to these days. A funsy NaNo, cause I can’t stand to be left out apparently. 😛 So here’s my prompts, feel free to follow along/use these as jumpstarts for slow days. My Tumblr is also good for inspiration and/or reminders to go write.

Fans, Day 3: 542 words/November Total: 1193 words
Seth knew he would never tire of watching Nica dance with fans. He really should have suspected the recent turn of events, given his fascination with feathers. it seemed so obvious now, wits hindsight. just as obvious now as it had seemed plain unthinkable before. A wyvern.
The sharp snap of the fans brought his attention back to the stage, to the realty before him. Dream visits and mental piggybacking would never compare to the reality of her tawny red skin, her warm garden scent, and the near savage joy that radiated off of her when dancing. She owned the stage, and every creature within the power of the spell she cast with song and sight.
He didn’t recognize the piece she performing now, only that it was something more traditionally burlesque. The play and tease of the feather fans showed less than many of the other acts– between Nica’s wings and the fans she was covered nearly head to toe just now– but somehow, that only heightened the anticipation. He very suddenly wanted this rehearsal to be over, wanted to take those coyly smiling lips without warning, perhaps locking themselves in the il’soum, perhaps chase her up the stairs to the roof–
Another snap, and Seth jumped this time, as if caught in some clandestine act. Nica’s song warbled as laughter interrupted her breath, but she never stopped. She just pinned him with her gaze, pouring the heat and lust of her number into him with her eyes. even without their mental connection, he’d have known exactly what she was thinking. What  she was suggesting.
He blushed a deep scarlet, from roots to neck, and Nica did laugh then, and cut the number. clearing the three small steps in a single leap, she sasheyed over to Seth’s table with far more swing in her hips than was reasonable.
“Problem with the set, lover?”
She perched on his table, legs brushing his arm, laughter dancing in her eyes.
 “You’re blushing like a feather maid.”
 Her voice was low and private, that sultry huskiness she saved for the bedroom. Seth kept his hands very still on the table, not trusting himself. A wave of list assailed him, flickering heat teasing along his aura, drawing him out. Through gritted teeth, he carefully reminded her, ” Wrong side of the wards, love.” She never stopped smiling, but the heat diminished, an echo of apology flowing in its wake. He relaxed then, letting a hand reached for one of hers, the other coming to rest on her thigh. His smile was still a little ragged on the edges, and his voice was breathy when he spoke again.
“It’s a very good act. Quite  … effective.”
She squeezed his hand, a less intense impression of her desire for him coming with it.
“I’m glad you like it.”
“I do, and  you’d better damned well stop that if you want make it through the rest of rehearsal.”
Her lips quirked and an eyebrow rose at his not so subtle intimation.
“And if I dont?”
Seth pulled at her hand, rising to his feet to press her against him. He ate the smile right off her face, and didn’t even pause at the downstairs door to tell everyone to carry on without them.

As always, you can read more about Seth here.


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