Sort of NaNo: Day 2

I never can seem to resist the first week of NaNoWriMo. I know I’m too busy. I know Nov/Dec are the BUSIEST baking months of the year. But I love all the writer-centric energy, and I found a lovely prompt a day list like #Inktober, but for writing, and since I’m on a prompt a day habit anyways, might as well get some writing done, right? I don’t have a story in mind, but I’m gonna unofficially track my word count, just to see what I get up to these days. A funsy NaNo, cause I can’t stand to be left out apparently. 😛 So here’s my prompts, feel free to follow along/use these as jumpstarts for slow days. My Tumblr is also good for inspiration and/or reminders to go write.

Carpenter, Day 2: 350 words/November Total: 658 words


“You want to do what?”
Bri stood her ground, not answering until her sister took her pan from the stove and leaned out of the kitchen to look at her.
“So are we actually having this conversation now? I’m serious about this, Chelle.”
Chelle kept stirring her sauce, but it was clear Bri had her attention.
“You want to go halfway around the world to build houses where there’s just been a massive earthquake. An earthquake that had nothing to do with fault lines, I might add. Must add. Sis, this is a terrible idea. it’s too dangerous for someone …. like us. We can’t risk… we just cant.”
“Chelle, I’m never going to stop being a mara. I can’t let it run my life–“
She held up a hand as her sister’s mouth opened. She’d waited patiently through the requisite “only looking out for you speech” and now it was her turn to listen.
“This is important to me. These people need help, I’ve always wanted to change the world with my art, and building things is something I’m good at. I know, I know, it’s not a set for a tragic play. These are real people living in real danger, but doesn’t that make it hat much more important? And Jake will be there, and  all his uncles, and  some of the other chimera from Asylum. I’ll be safer than if I was just back packing on my own– which you know I wanted to do anyways–“
Chelle’s face was still set in worry, so Bri changed gears. “Talk to Caleb. I know he’s not going, but you trust his judgment with this sort of thing, right?”
Her sister nodded, and Bri hoped against hope that this would be one those times Caleb took chimera strength for granted. The gryph’s idea of safe was random at best, but with any luck, that would work in her favor.
Chelle nodded and turned back to the kitchen. “Alright. I’ll talk to him. Now stop distracting me while I’m making hollandaise. You know how fussy it is. Dinner in 5.”

Bri and Chelle, while not technically my characters, are some of the TNG Asylumers that sort of speak to me. The lines between who is mine and who is my partners have blurred a bit over the years, so I think I did them justice. As with any Outtake, it’s canonically dubious at best, and these guys aren’t even born yet in current Asylum (which you can read here). So, while I guess they’re technically spoilery, I don’t think it’ll really matter in the long run.


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