One line Wednesdays, 11/2

I never can seem to do just one line. I mean, I could, but the one line I’d pick would be baseless without context, and lack impact. Maybe that means I’m a bad writer? I don’t care. I still love Naj and how he experiences the world around him.
“The emotions of the others in the room swirled around him, beat at him like small, hot winds, even with his aura clamped down as tight as it could go. The serpent was able to ignore it, to make it just heat, but his human heart knew of things like excitement, and curiosity, and jealousy, and it was difficult to filter it all out and just focus on what was being said instead of what was being felt.”

I’m really thinking of moving these to a #TeaserTue vs a #1linewed kind thing. One, I clearly cannot stick to just one line and two, they really are more of a teaser than the one line of something you’ve written today or however 1 line is supposed to go. Thoughts on this? Either way enjoy your “one liner” teaser, then mosey on over to Asylum for more goodies.


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