Sort of NaNo: Day 1

I never can seem to resist the first week of NaNoWriMo. I know I’m too busy. I know Nov/Dec are the BUSIEST baking months of the year. But I love all the writer-centric energy, and I found a lovely prompt a day list like #Inktober, but for writing, and since I’m on a prompt a day habit anyways, might as well get some writing done, right? I don’t have a story in mind, but I’m gonna unofficially track my word count, just to see what I get up to these days. A funsy NaNo, cause I can’t stand to be left out apparently. 😛 So here’s my prompts, feel free to follow along/use these as jumpstarts for slow days. My Tumblr is also good for inspiration and/or reminders to go write.

Time like Liquid, Day 1: 303 words/November Total: 303 words

Naj lay on his belly, face hanging over the edge of the float, mesmerized by the reflections on the pool’s floor. Minutes or days could pass like this, he’d never know. At times, he could swear he could almost read the writing of the sun’s dance across the trembling waters, but a bird or cloud would pass and break his trance. It was just as well. The first time he’d done this, half the nest had come out to rescue him from “drowning”. In moments like this, it was all too easy to forget that breathing was supposed to be of importance.

Naj drifted in lazy circles, wondering how his life had come to this. A million dollar home, a family full of friends and children, a devoted mate—two, actually. A nest to call his own. And nothing more important to do than lay on his belly and try not to scare everyone by sitting on the pool’s floor.

“It’s all just water, you know.”

Naj didn’t look up to see who was speaking, to assign the shadow on the water a face. He was half-asleep or half a lifetime away—it didn’t really matter which. He sighed softly and maybe answered, maybe didn’t. Maybe there wasn’t actually anyone there.

Warm, strong arms pick him up from his float, and he shifted form to accommodate the motion. Coils curled round wrists, flicking tongue sought higher, drier ground. Wrapped safely around the newcomer’s neck, Naj relaxed back into semi-human thoughts, though he stayed small and scaled.

It’s all just water. All this time, it just flows and changes, but stays water.

Naj agreed, and radiated as much in his thoughts. His companion’s thoughts resonated the same, and their shared a moment of harmony that had nothing to do with anything, and didn’t need to.

As always, you can read more about Naj here.


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