NaNoWriMo 2016

To those about to write…

Whether it’s your first year or you’re an old pro, the madness that is NaNoWriMo is intoxicating. I wish you all the best of luck (6 day work weeks for me lately, so there’s no way I could pull it off this year). Here are a few sanity saving tips I’ve picked up along the way.

  • Know your month: Thanksgiving break might be your chance for one last push, or it might signal the end of all your free time. Plan accordingly, and figure out what your adjusted word count needs to be in reality.
  • Do not edit! I repeat, do not edit! In any way. Use the placeholder method for things that could derail your word flow, like names, place description, that perfect word that’s just on the tip of your tongue– make a placeholder note, stream of consciousness, and keep going (if the words are still coming. I know the littlest things can derail them). A lot of the time for me, these placeholder thoughts are a perfect place to come back to when the words just aren’t coming on a day where my only goal is word count vs story progression. Speaking of.. 
  • Write what you want to write: I cannot stress enough that NaNo is just for making a word pIle. Once it’s out of you, things can be tidied up, reordered, and whatnot, but only if it actually gets written. Write whatever your brain is giving you, whether it’s what you planned to work on or not. Go with the flow while it’s flowing.
  • Avoid “inspiration procrastination” with timers: Time FLIES during NaNo. if you need a recharge break, feel free to check out the social media outlet of your choice, but start a timer first! You’ll be glad you did when you have an hour of writing under your belt instead of an hour of tweeting. AND last but not least…
  • Celebrate every word: Cheesy, but I’m serious. Every. SIngle. Word. is more words than you had written before NaNoWriMo. Finish or don’t, 500 word day or 5000, your accomplished something real. Celebrate it, and fuel yourself on victory.

For more tips, trick, and reminders to GO WRITE, check out my Tumblr and Twitter feeds. Even though my brain is goo this month, I’ll still be cheering everybody on.

Best of luck everyone! Happy writing!


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