Genre Writing Questions

So Asylum’s been up for a little while now, long enough that I’m finally at a place to have a feel for my audience’s understanding of it’s setting. I took some risks, gambling that people who would enjoy my work also enjoyed reading other things like it, and had some basic ideas about magic, shapeshifters, and the like. Some things, like people using magic to turn into animals, have worked their way into generalized pop culture. Others, like serpent shapeshifters  being able to sense emotions, are pretty unique to my universe. These things are easy to deal with. Other things fall into more of a gray area. For Asylum, my biggest stumbler is the dancers’ nest.

As a reader, I adore world building tidbits, which means as a writer, I try to reign myself in on such things, since they’re my kinda candy. It’s only now that I’m realizing I’m that person I assumed reads the same things I write because I like them.  It’s giving me a whole new perspective on what questions to answer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give me any insight on how to answer them.

I’m working on a series of posts for he Asylum Index, explaining  about how and why serpents nest up, but it’s got me thinking: what would I do if this were trad published? Would I worry about It? Should I worry about It?

Genre writers, what do you do about genre specific world Building? How do you set your world apart from other worlds in your genre? Do you worry about how accessible your work Is?


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