Hey, guess what? With Asylum now updating  (read it here), all of those place holder entries scattered throughout the about pages can now be updated! So I have. 😛 Nothing too interesting, but I got a delightful sense of satisfaction doing it.

And since I’m going to the trouble of making a post about it, I’ll elaborate a little about the direction I plan to take with the blogs. Raevenly Writes has always been a rambly mess, and I plan to keep it that way. I’ve fallen off updating it a bit, for various reasons, but autumn has always been my writing season, so we’ll see where things go. Asylum’s website I hope to keep a bit cleaner, now that it’s updating. I have a bunch of stream of consciousness asides on there now, mostly used as test posts, which I may or may not leave up.

I don’t know how much actual fiction I want to put up here anymore. On the one hand, I do enjoy doing random questionnaires and excerpts, and I do think I’ll keep posting teasers for #onelinerwednesday from the upcoming update on Asylum. But that’s about as far as I have planned. I am a panther through and through. 

So that’s where things stand for now, the direction I hope to take things in. Thanks for going on this incredible journey with me. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it as much as I have.:)
Now go read Asylum! I still can believe it’s actually up. XD


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