One Liner Wednesdays

Asylum is going live on Monday.

Right? I can’t even. I am freaking out, going over and over everything with a fine toothed comb, knowing I’m still gonna miss stuff. In order to feel like I’m actually getting something done, and to drum up a little excitement, I thought I’d do one of those #OneLinerWed things.

Flames ate the darkness. Burning in her veins turned to burning on the ground, fire-pain spilling out of her, falling to the ashes in hot, hot tears. Sparks blossomed where they fell, a fire to carry away the memory, a fire to transform her pain from killing blood-beats to steady drum beats, a dancer’s last goodbye.

I know they’re only supposed to be one line, but who can ever stick to just one line?

I’m pretty sure I’ll keep this up, posting something on Wed for the chapter that’ll drop on Saturday. We’ll see. It’s possible I’ll just die of shock the first time I see an actual Asylum post up and this will all be a moot point.


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