Video making

As you may remember, Asylum is releasing in October (YAY!!!!!). To gear up for that, I’ve been (trying) making videos to showcase little tidbits about the world, share character info, and so on (read:whatever crosses my mind on any given day. What’s new?) The first video was easy, technically speaking, just turn on the camera, talk, upload (yeah, easy). My most recently upload was a little more complicated.

In the spirit of The Experiment (you remember the Experiment, right?), I decided to talk a little bit here about the behind the scenes of creating it. To watch the actual video, check out my post over at In Search of Asylum (last link for today, I promise).

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but I’m barely tech savvy. I use terms like tech savvy, for one. For two, my experience editing videos is limited to watching my boyfriend make AMVs in high school. So I’m passingly familiar with Windows movie maker, but that’s about it.

I decided to mess around a bit, researched some free editing options, pretty much downloaded the first one I saw and gave it a whirl. While I’m happy with the ease of use for Filmora, I did not expect the watermark in the free version to eat my screen. So yeah. Not gonna use that again (Still uploaded the video though, cause I put WAY too much work into that to scrap it). Will try again, hopefully with something less BUY MY PRODUCT, probably media maker, if it’s still a thing.

All in all, it was fun, way less stressful knowing I was planning on covering up my face, and probably harder than it needed to be. I’m sure my younger sisters could have whipped this up in five minutes while laughing at me for being such a goob, but I’m proud of it, and that’s all that matters.


2 thoughts on “Video making

  1. I feel your pain. I downloaded the GIMP Editing Software and then spent hours watching tutorial videos on YouTube. I still have no idea how to use it. I bet my younger siblings could do much better with it too.


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