Writers and Roleplaying games

So, Mage: The Ascension.

I’ve never done a lot of formalized role playing. I like it in concept, but somehow, my groups have never really made it off the ground. Too much rule mongering, not enough knowledge of basic rules between the group all together, time/schedule conflicts, bizarre incidents with halfling fingers (don’t ask)… But, I’m giving it another go.

Mage: The Ascension is a totally new ball of wax for me, running a whole new kinda system, and an UTTERLY different world concept. It’s a modern day, real world, imagine our life but with magic that only some people know about. It’s completely urban fantasy, my genre, but somehow, I’m loathe to play it. I RP to escape my everyday reality. But I like to write in it? Guys, I have no idea what’s up with my brain on this one. Maybe I’m just mad there’s no otherworldly travel cause some jerk dropped to spirit nuke into the underworld and ruined it for everyone. *shrugs*

Buuuuuut (back to the point), I’ve always loved RPing for character genesis and get to know you sessions. Mage has given me a lot to think about in terms of motivation, how a character thinks about the universe, how magic fits into that universe, and so on. It’s a pretty bleak system (so far), but I feel like it forces you to get pretty up close and cozy with your character. Cause otherwise, it’s so bleak it’s hard to understand why anyone does anything. Without some deep searching of faith and outlook and goals, pretty much every mage character ever should just go up in a blaze of “The world sucks lets just end it all–with fire, because fire”. …ok, maybe that last bit was just me (Sue me, I like fire).

I dunno. I guess what I’m saying is that the darker things are, the brighter the characters have to shine. Otherwise, I don’t want to play (or read, in the case of literature). Some good food for thought, at any rate.


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