Some audiobook resources

I know I’ve been singing the praises of audiobooks lately, and unsurprisingly, I’ve done some hunting for sources. I’ve not checked them all out personally (I use Overdrive almost exclusively, but I liked One Click just fine too. I just wanted to save space on my phone.), but I thought I’d put up a quick little blog roll for your convince. Some are free, some are memberships. Some are rentals, some are purchasing clubs. A lot will be in partnership with your local library. Happy reading!

How to Geek Several options listed here, of all shapes and sizes.

Lifehacker Top 5 This one has links to forums discussing each service in greater detail.

Top Ten Reviews Infographic style, for those of you who do better with that sort of presentation.

Booksfree For those of you that are familiar with Netflix, this is basically the book version.

Overdrive Library card required, but sign up is easy. Can listen on smart phones or online.

One Click I don’t think you need a library account for this one, but I personally found it easier to manage all of my audiobook resources with the same info, so I went through my library. Also can be listened to via app or computer.


On a final note, I’m going to have to say no to Audible. Some people love it, some people hate it, but my biggest vote against it is how difficult it is to cancel services with them. Much like Hulu, there’s too many hoops and lots of “For just misleading price point, get what looks like a better deal but isn’t!” sort of nonsense. Best to steer clear, in my opinion. Your results may vary.


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