If we were having coffee: Sept 13

 If we were having coffee this weekend, it would be a small miracle. More likely, I’d have to beg off for a later date, or risk falling asleep on you no matter how many shots I added. I’d promise to make it up to you with some snickerdoodles, or the chili chocolate cookies I’m currently dreaming up. It’s Fall, y’all. It’s gotten cold (for now), I’ve broken out the flannel and I’ve bought my obligatory bottle of pumpkin spice creamer to hold me over til the good stuff comes out for Christmas (eggnog and gingerbread, I’m lookin at you).

The cold weather has brought the usual mad rush at work for everyone to use up their vacation time before holiday madness (all those baked goodies have to come from somewhere), but it’s also perked up the flow of writing ideas, which I’ve sorely missed. Rain dropped in with a scene from Book 3 (not at all problematic since I’ve not finished Book 2 yet), and Zig baked a batch of cookies for her (not at all problematic since he can’t bake for crap). Seth is still giving me fits with the re-writes, but at least I have some options now if he gets to be too much.

But keeping up with work and the writing is pretty much the best I can do these days, so have a raincheck the promise of snickerdoodles and wish me luck for the coming week. So far, I’m back on my regular schedule, but I have no faith it’ll stay that way.


8 thoughts on “If we were having coffee: Sept 13

  1. *hugs for work* Yep, I know all about the work crunch. I never worked baking but at the college I worked at, everyone was frantic, trying to get papers in to professors at the last minute. I do hope that it dies down soon but until it does, you go! You know that you can do it! You are the BAKING QUEEN.

    Zig is darling, did he really make cookies?! Were they half-burned chocolate chips ones? And YOUR cookies, the chili chocolate cookies sound so yummy! Rain would probably like those much better. 🙂

    (And Seth, you be good. Remember: unpleasant authors do unpleasant things. We don’t want you to transform and then crawl in to a wall and then get stuck because you were heckling the author now, do we?)


    • Zig’s cookies were the melty kind that come from not enough flour. He inherited my refusal to use level measurements. I use a measuring cup more like a scoop than anything else. (As a result, my cookies are also less than reliable.)


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