If we were having coffee: Sept 5

 If we were having coffee this weekend, I’d seem a bit more like my usual self. I’d ramble on about how pleased I am with the Asylum edits, how nice it is when everything falls into place with a narrative once you find the missing piece, and so on. I’d comment on how the yoga is helping, making it easier to fall asleep when I try to, easier to get up and move around when I get up from sleep pt 2. Honestly, splitting my sleep schedule has made a huge difference as well. Seems counter intuitive, but I think I’m getting more sleep bracketing it on either side of my work night than I did by trying to go to bed at 2 in the afternoon. I just do not get sleepy until 5 or later, unless I’m operating on a major sleep debt. A four hour nap on either side is more restful than 6 hours of tossing and turning. And there’s always the weekend to catch up.

I’d probably urge you to stay for a second cup, since we’re moving into the fall season, and once it’s in full swing, work will be stupid. Not only do we produce higher volumes of product for everyone’s happy holiday shopping madness, but the fall to Christmas season holds more product offering than any other time of the year, and most of them are stupidly labor intensive (Holiday Bread, I’m looking at you). So, I’ll most likely be going in at 10 every night instead of midnight, or coming in at midnight to someone else having started earlier and throwing off my whole groove. Either way, should be chaos. So this might be the final peace before the storm.

For my writer friends, I’d want to talk about the merits of doing another NaNo this year. Last year’s was a big old flop for me, partially because I was just started to bake solo, and partially because I just didn’t care that much about the project I’d set out for myself. This year, I’ve got some good contenders for interest factor, but I seriously doubt I’ll have the time/energy to pull it off. Most definitely not enough to do a NaNo AND keep up work on Asylum. So, if this was your cup of tea coffee, I’d pick your brain for advice.


2 thoughts on “If we were having coffee: Sept 5

  1. Glad that Asylum edits are going nicely (SETH! :-)), that sleep is something that is attainable once again and we can have a second cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate to continue talking more! Yay! :-p

    As for NaNo: Rachel Hawkins once said that she didn’t do NaNo because she couldn’t put that kind of pressure on herself. Will you be ok if you don’t hit 50K? Would you be ok with splitting hours, like maybe working on Asylum for an hour and then spending three on your NaNo? I bet in three hours, you could easily hit over 2K of words. If you can do that every day, every little bit helps.

    Basically, if it won’t be fun, don’t do it. I had lots of fun and even finished earlier than expected last year, but am unsure if I will do it this year, but I finished Viv’s first book and would love to do her second. I also met a new character and she wants me to write her but Mara’s getting furious at me, so like you, I may not have time to work on NaNo and my other story unless I really restructure my hours. Plus, I have a little thing called college and homework. That is a huge time suck. (And it sucks. :-p )

    Either way, I’m glad that things are getting brighter for you, my dear!


  2. Glad to hear your edits are going smoothly! I haven’t participated in NaNo, but it always seems like the participants have a good time and accomplish a lot.

    Good luck with the upcoming holiday season!


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