If we were having coffee: Aug 16

 If we were having coffee this weekend, I’d probably get the wild hair to make Vietnamese coffee, and it would probably go horribly, horribly wrong. Let me apologize now, and hope we’re still friends later. 😛

I’ve been having a lot of funky dreams lately, and I might tell you about transmutating pillbugs into– well, metal pillbugs. 😛 I’ve been playing a lot of Okami lately, so it’s probably to blame. *shrugs*

If you’re a long time follower of Asylum, I might ask for help finding Naj again. I love him dearly, but he needed a revamp from his first incarnation. Trouble is, the more I revamp him, the less I feel like I know him. It’s hard to be true to character when you’re unearthing parts of that character you’ve never seen before. I feel totally lost, but hey, it’s only a draft. Not the end of the world. Still, it’s …off putting, at best, disheartening at worst, and most days, just plain confusing.

Honestly, though, if we had coffee this weekend, I’d probably prefer to sit back and listen. My head feels really full lately, and it’d be nice to turn all the noise off for a while and let someone else take the stage. So what’s on your plate lately?


4 thoughts on “If we were having coffee: Aug 16

  1. Hey, my dear, with the Naj thing…don’t sweat it. I had to completely revamp Mela from my first story (because I started writing her when I was so young and as I got older, I realized that she needed to evolve) and that involved changing a lot of her history, which then changed her–and things got weird. Really weird. It was actually incredibly disconcerting for me and disheartening because the character that I felt that I *knew* for years and years was gone. However, I stuck with it.

    And I came to embrace her new character. I realized that all the changes that I made (and that she went through) were necessary to not only advance the plot, but to put more of a perspective on personal things that just worked than if I had left her as I had when I started out. Foreshadowing got more in depth and I was actually really proud of the changes that I made to her, even if some of them I still struggle with.

    So, yes, Naj will change and grow and as you explore him, it will be incredibly confusing, disheartening and maybe even rage inducing but stick with it, see what happens.



  2. I’ve been having crazy dreams recently, too! But then again, I have always had rather vivid dreams, even as a child.

    Things around here are busy, with husband starting a new job tomorrow and the kiddo going back to school tomorrow, too. It’s good, though. 🙂


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