If we were having coffee: Aug 9


If we were having coffee this weekend, I’d drag you out into my “garden” and make you coo and awww over my little peppers, tomatoes and (not so little) cucumbers, the first of which are finally ripening. The cucumber has really taken off since I put it in a larger pot, and I say it wins the prize for cutest thing in the garden. It’s broad leaves have grown to cover one of the faerie lights, so it has a charming glow after sunset, and it’s vinelettes are curling around the garden gnomes in the most adorable way. All in all, project “Dump the down in the dumps down in the dirt” has been a huge success. Next year I wanna add zucchini and maybe a pumpkin.

If the bugs and dirt didn’t chase you off, I’d probably talk your ear off some more about the benefits of reading audio books. Seriously. Every new book I listen to, I find a new useful thought for writers. It’s like the whole “write until you write better”, reading someone else’s writing has the same benefits. And hearing writing, yours or someone else’s, adds a whole new dimension.

If you asked how things have been going lately, I’d say nothing much has changed. I still work too much, sleep too much but somehow don’t sleep enough, and am steadily plugging away at Asylum. Last night, we wrapped up the re-writes in Chapter 14, because we’re still in generative mode vs. editing mode. We’ll get back to editing at some point, but we seem to be on a roll at the point, so I’m loathe to lose progress for the sake of other progress.

We might chat a bit about Patreon and Kickstarter and good old fashioned donation meters, because girlfriend and I are getting more and more serious about the “I want this as my job” part of writing. I know doing it full time takes time, but it also takes effort, and you never know until you try. *shrugs*

So that’s where we’re at this weekend. Coffee is fresh, veggies are fresh, lifestyle is stale, old writing is freshening up. How ’bout with you?


7 thoughts on “If we were having coffee: Aug 9

  1. Growing veggies is one of those things I’ve always been happy to let other people do… so I’ll happily enjoy some of the ones you have to offer!
    I’ve never been able to get into audio-books… my learning style is such that I have a hard time absorbing things if I’m just listening to them — probably should give it another try at some point…


    • I’ve had to backtrack a time or two when I’ve zoned out, but Ive always found it easier to listen to things when I’m working. If I have to -just- listen, it never sticks. But if I’m doodling, knitting (or baking) then my brain is hungry for entertainment, so the audio book sticks better.


  2. Glad you’re enjoying the gardening!

    I have trouble with most audiobooks because I am such a visual learner—I can’t keep characters straight if they all have the same voice! lol


    • All the books I’ve read have actually had “voices” for each character– some of them have actually been distractingly “wrong” from the way they sound in my head (I started with a series I was already familiar with). Some books even use two different readers, to achieve male and female characters. A good reader/actor makes a HUGE difference, to be sure.

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