Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, Asylum

Asylum turned 2 last week (Ok, more like 11 days ago, but whatever). Year one was a mad dash of creative energy– totally unsustainable. Year two has been learning how to edit without losing that creative spirit, in addition to learning how to keep everything up with me working while Girlfriend sleeps and vice versa. It’s been tricky, but it’s also been the only thing saving my sanity. Spending the majority of my day alone in the wee hours of the night has me pretty loopy most days. Granted, it’s a great chance to chat with my characters, but that’s point against staying sane, not for it.

It’s hard to say where we’re at: on the one hand, Asylum is built for a web format, but on the other, we’d love to go trad pub with it. *sighs* Decisions, decisions. I suppose that makes this update not much of an update, but it’s been entirely too long since I’ve stopped in. Real life drama and all that. “All that” should be settled, incidentally. Yay, more writing time!


2 thoughts on “Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, Asylum

  1. Good luck with editing! I know that you and your girlfriend will continue to be wildly creative with the editing process. The mad energy that we feel when we start a story always fades, I figure. That’s how it is with most writers. Good luck also with the deciding to go for web publishing or traditional publishing. It’s certainly an exciting time. πŸ™‚

    Good to hear from you again! πŸ™‚ I give everyone in Asylum kisses for there book birthday! (Yes, even you Nica, though I’m sure that you’d deck me if I tried. :-p)


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