The Write State of Mind: April

Despite the relative blog-o-sphere silence, I’ve been getting a lot done lately. Real life has been  CRAZY, but that’s sent me fleeing into the pages of Asylum for some much needed R&R. There’s something peaceful about impose ordering on the chaos that is Asylum’s first draft, the illusion of actually being in control (as if my characters would ever actually listen to me. It’s a nice lie, however).

In addition to that, we’ve picked back up progress on Cirque du Vols, so with any luck, we’ll have our second completed novel under our belts soon. Wouldn’t that just be something?

Editing is finally starting to feel like a sustainable process, instead of just something we do in fits and bursts. I think we’ve gotten the head of steam we need under our belts to make releasing Asylum a reality instead of a distant goal. Still not sure on the exact ETA, but it seems more attainable than it ever has before.

So keep checking back, and hopefully we’ll be in the Read State of Mind soon.


One thought on “The Write State of Mind: April

  1. Yay! Congrats on everything that you have been doing and on finishing nearly two huge projects. I’m so glad that editing Asylum is going well. 🙂

    And I know how escaping into stories is when life get’s crazy. I do the same thing and it’s very relaxing sometimes. I love making my characters go on vacations that way I can *really* escape.


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