Sketches: I have no idea

For a while back in undergrad, I was in love with form poetry. I have no clue what this one said, but you’re welcome to have a go at deciphering it if you like. I maaaaaay or may not be related to the imagry, I really can’t recall.


Good luck!IMG_2759


One thought on “Sketches: I have no idea

  1. I love this! Free form art!

    The first thing it actually made me think of a old time-y steampunk ship. Kinda like Captain Shakespeare’s in Stardust. Instead of steam flowing out the back, I love thinking of words coming out of the ship.

    Then, after staring at it for a bit, I realized it also could be a lighthouse with the words arching up on the right as a wave crashing against the rocks on the shore.

    That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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