Did you know? The Spiders, take 2

A long time beta reader of mine suggested I share some tidbits with you all. I’m horrible about getting sidetracked while doing live beta sessions, where gems like this tend to come out. But some of these bits are things that would never come up in the writing, so here they are.

A few days ago, I started a Did you know for the Spiders, but apparently I don’t know as much about them as I used to. So I did some digging. The results surprised me.

  • Tripp was apparently shorter than Zig in their first incarnation. I chalk this up, again, to Zig trying to pass himself off as Tripp. When I first find characters, they tend to come in bundles, which sort themselves out as I go. Zig was originally bundled with Naj, as a guitar playing serpent named Zeke. I didn’t realize that was Zig until months and month later, after getting to know Zig a different way.
  • Tripp is NOT shorter than Zig, just for the record. Zig is big brother in name only, Tripp is taller, bulkier, and more responsible. Sorry Ziggo.
  • While I didn’t find a Bowie song for Tripp (still seems odd to me, I’mma have to pester Zig about that) I did find Delphi’s, “Please Mr. Gravedigger” Nicely creepy, if you’ve not heard it. (All Bowie forever can be listened to here, FYI)
  • I also found more song entries for Z, and I’m not sure how I could have forgotten about them, other than I try to avoid thinking about Z (she gives me the wiggins) Z’s songs include “Scary Monsters (and Super Freaks)” “All the Madmen” and “Criminal World”
  • Apparently, the original Jack was brave enough to call his sister “Ragdoll”. I really don’t see that happening.

So who would you all like to hear from next?



One thought on “Did you know? The Spiders, take 2

  1. Hee! More spiders tidbits!

    You know that I actually saw Tripp as taller than Zig? In my mind, he was taller and leaner. Now knowing that he is bulky means I’ll have to reimagine him. :-p

    Zig and Naj I think would actually be good friends but it sounds as if they don’t interact much? (They are both so sweet and darling! Can we have a little scene with them someday? Please?) And I have to ask if you named your real life serpent after that character since his name is Zeke? He’s a real incarnation of your story!

    You have to know now that I’m intensely curious about Z but if she’s as bad as you say that she is (and for the record, she must be REALLY bad then :-p) we’ll just forget about her!

    Who I’d like to hear from:
    Rowan, Marie, Emily, or any tidbits on Asylum or the bar if it’s changed at all. (My houses for my characters change immensely until I lock them down. One of my characters still begs me for a dungeon but that’s not gonna happen. :-p Does that happen with your stories, too?)


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