Did you know? The Spiders edition

A long time beta reader of mine suggested I share some tidbits with you all. I’m horrible about getting sidetracked while doing live beta sessions, where gems like this tend to come out. But some of these bits are things that would never come up in the writing, so here they are.

Many of you know the Spiders already through Rain’s story, but most of them don’t really get a chance to shine. And a lot of what I know about them isn’t stuff that would ever come in a narrative, so have some treats. 🙂

  • Yes, the Spiders are a nod to Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, officially, ala Zig. But if you ask them, it’s referencing the fact that they all live and work at Eight-Legged Ink, and that’s all they’ll admit to. None of them are quite the Bowie fanatics that Ziggo is.
  • This didn’t stop Zig from giving each and every one of them their own personal David Bowie song, some of which inspired (or were inspired by) their given nicknames. This is how I found my way into the Spiders as characters. Cait and I spent a night chilling out in the basement, listening to random Bowie tracks and brainstorming in general. (This is also how Zig and Jules’ dog Freecloud came into being).
  • Rabe and Rinna, “Cat People”, “Rebel Rebel”, “China Girl”: Collectively, Zig likes to call the girl’s Cat People, and it’s the only song they’ll accept. “China Girl” is of course, too easy and kind of offensive for Rinna, but Zig doesn’t mean it in any seriousness anyways, and only sings it at her when he’s having a hard time lighting the barbecue. Rebbie doesn’t mind “Rebel Rebel” so much, even adopting “The Rebel” as her new name when they started their new life as the Spiders, but she doesn’t like to humor Zig too much, lest it go to his head. “Cat People” is another cheap shot, as Rabe is a felinathrope and Rinna is a pyromancer.
  • Jack, Z and Seven, “Diamond Dogs”, “Seven”: Another case where identities were adopted when they changed locations. I don’t know who Seven was before they moved, but the easy, melancholy groove of the song suits him. It’s pleasant, light, but kinda creepy when you really think about it. Suits Seven to a T. The Diamond Dogs were actually the first to get their Bowie name, as this is how Zig referred to the pack of them when they were running the streets on the West Coast. “Halloween Jack” is the only one properly named in the song, and he’s the only one still going by his birth name, but he’s such an unusual looking spook that anyone who knew him would know him on sight anyways.
  •  As far as I can currently remember, neither Tripp nor Delphi have Bowie songs. This seems odd to me, at least for Tripp, so I’ll go digging back through my notes and see what I can find. Look for a Spiders part 2 for that.

So who would you all like to hear from next?



One thought on “Did you know? The Spiders edition

  1. How fun! I’m now going to have to listen to David Bowie all day :-p

    Who do I want to hear from next? Erm…that’s a good question. I’ll have to think about it. I think that you’ve actually done all the characters that I was very interested in but that’s the great thing about your stories: lots of characters running around to be dragged into the spotlight, especially if they don’t want it! 🙂

    Take care!


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